Meloni’s debts towards Arbasino


A few writers happened to have given up your name or title to a political movement. Casa Pound is the most sensational example. But now that Giorgia Meloni goes up in the polls, we must finally give Alberto Arbasino what of Arbasino and remember that Brothers of Italy one of his famous books. Of course, before him there was Goffredo Mameli, but it is obvious that in 2014, when they founded their party, Meloni and Ignazio La Russa were inspired by the spectacular, effervescent, comic, transgressive novel by Arbasino. Which Arbasino had in time to know that he had somehow become a party, but from that gentleman who was preferable not to make statements about it or to claim himself in the legal seat (which rightly Massimiliano Parente marveled on the day Arbasino dead). However, if literature brings so much luck to politics, who knows how many times Matteo Renzi regretted having called Italia Viva its movement and not, for example, The adventures of Pinocchio, THEThe rampant baron or The cognition of pain, which would have anticipated the era of the Coronavirus.

And think of the consent of Antonio Calenda if instead of choosing the tasteless Action had opted for Quer ugly mess of via Merulana, which would have signaled the moral determination to clean up Italian cheating. And Giovanni Toti, with his simpleton We change! (exclamation included): if he had imagined, as I know, something decidedly Ligurian like Cuttlefish bones! remembering Montale or Lichens! remembering the great Sbarbaro, he would have had other results than the current misery. In short, the Meloni example could open a season of greater symbiosis between politics and literature. Already the prehensile and burlesque spirit (but little Berlusco) of Giorgio Manganelli, called Manga and friend of Arba, will be in agitation at the idea that one day, escaping from Berlusca, Maurizio Gasparri could be struck by the intuition of a new party that borrow a title: objectively inconvenient Speech of the shadow and the coat of arms or of the reader and writer considered as demented. But at least Lunario of the Samnite orphan or, even better, From hell or Hilarotragoedia… Electorate.

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