Melbourne, an outbreak born from a lighter exchange. Lockdown is thought of


One of the new coronavirus outbreaks in Melbourne may have been caused by the exchange of a lighter among hotel employees. Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews said this at a press conference.
“They kept their distance but passed the lighter,” he said according to the BBC, adding that the same employees always drove together “thus being much closer to each other than is desirable”.
New outbreaks in Melbourne, lockdown is thought – New anti-coronavirus lockdown measures could be imposed in Melbourne after 49 cases of Covid-19 were identified on Saturday, the highest number since last April. The Guardian reports it.
According to the state health authorities of Victoria, this is not a “second wave” but Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced that he is considering whether to ask citizens to stay home in the next few days.
In the rest of Australia, the virus has almost completely disappeared. In the west of the country there was only one new case, three in New South Wales and they were all people who had returned from abroad. Zero infections in Queensland and the south. In Victoria there are 2,028 cases at the moment. To prevent the spread of the infections, the state has started carrying out carpet tests, 40,000 people have already been checked since Friday.


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