Meghan Markle revealed that she was pregnant at Eugenia’s wedding (embarrassing Harry)


The indiscretion had been around for months, but it had been immediately denied by Palazzo sources. Now, however, a new, explosive book – with an unequivocal title “Royals at War” – reconfirms everything: at the wedding of the princess Eugenia with Jack Brooksbank, Meghan Markle she revealed to the royal family that she was pregnant with little Archie, deeply embarrassing her her husband Harry and making her bride and mother angry, Sarah Ferguson. “Meghan put her hand in it when she decided that it would be the ideal time to announce that she and Harry were expecting their first child – the authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard write in the book, taken from the Sun – and even if they didn’t if it were a real member, stealing the scene from Eugenia was a huge gaffe, which infuriated her and her mother Sarah ».


Harry and Meghan, one million dollar pharaonic contract for every public speech
The contract
The distance from the family

As mentioned, in the past the Sussex’s misstep had already been the subject of gossip, but an unspecified royal source had revealed to Harper’s Bazaar magazine that in reality Harry and Meghan had given the good news to the Queen and Prince Philip, as well as to Carlo and Camilla and the future spouses before the wedding, celebrated at Windsor Castle on 12 October 2018, but not having all seen each other before the big day, the royal family had been able to make the ritual congratulations to the couple only at the ceremony. The book also addresses the issue of Megxit, with Prince Harry who is allegedly “secretly torturing himself” for leaving the United Kingdom because he is worried about the health of his father Charles (positive at Covid-19) and aware that his grandmother Elizabeth II will not live forever . In truth it seems that his wife Meghan is doing everything to help him adapt to the new Californian reality, but apparently the distance from the family would be becoming too heavy a burden for the Duke of Sussex.

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