Meghan Markle points to Brad Pitt and unleashes Jennifer Aniston’s jealousy


Meghan Markle he is trying to rebuild his life and career in Los Angeles after the British parenthesis. And his aims seem to focus on Brad Pitt, to the point of unleashing some jealousy.

According to reports New Idea, Meghan would like to go back to acting, but she isn’t content with just any script. In fact, he has a dream he has kept in his drawer for years: he wants to make a film with Brad Pitt and is doing everything to make it happen. Also because at the moment the company with Harry has disappointed her a lot.

Even before meeting Harry, when she was not yet famous, she wanted to work with him. In fact, he would have liked to become Mrs. Pitt. At the time, he tells New Idea a source close to Lady Markle, Brad was divorcing Jennifer Aniston and Meghan, although Angelina Jolie had already appeared on the scene, she would have confessed that she would have liked to marry Pitt.

Obviously it didn’t happen, but Lady Markle has consoled herself widely to become Prince Harry’s wife. Now that she’s back in Hollywood, though, she wants to make her dream come true. If you no longer care to join in marriage with Mr Pitt, you want to work with him on a film.

Meg appears to have asked his friend George Clooney to organize a dinner with Jolie’s ex, during which he intends to illustrate his plan. “When Meghan gets something into her head, she does everything to make it happen,” said the source.

To hinder Markle’s designs, Jennifer Aniston apparently intervened and in this period approached the ex. Hollywood rumors claim that Aniston has become jealous and especially concerned about Harry’s wife’s real intentions with Brad.

The informant of the New Idea revealed that Jen is quite irritated by Meghan’s project: “Jennifer is friends with many actresses who have done a hard job to get where they are and does not accept that Markle gets to work in a large production just because she is Harry’s wife. He unequivocally told Brad that is not in favor of Meghan’s proposal“.

Contrary to Aniston’s concerns, however, it seems that Brad Pitt, a friendly and affable person, will not be able to say no to Lady Markle forever.

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