“Me at Colle? I would like Italians to understand things done”


Berlusconi: Me at the Colle? I would like Italians to understand things done

“Today at the Quirinale there is Mattarella who plays his role with balance, authority and common sense, let’s not do him the wrong to speak now of the future president”. Silvio Berlusconi says so, speaking on ‘Live – it’s not the D’urso’, on Canale 5, answering a question about his possible candidacy for the Quirinale.

Then he adds: “As for me, I only have the hope that the Italians will finally realize all that I have done positively for them and for Italy in the almost 10 years of government”.

“I would like – he still says – that they become aware of how bad and how much injustice I have suffered since I went on the field, 26 years ago, not out of personal ambition, but to save my country, this would be enough for me”.

“Collaborate with Conte? We just want to put our skills not at the service of this or that government, but at the service of the Italians”, he replies. “If that for someone means the alliance with these 4 lefts, then they don’t know my story.”

Then, speaking of relations with Salvini and Meloni: “There has been a long-standing agreement on the candidacies for a long time” of the center-right in the next regional ones. “For our part – he explains – they are relations of absolute loyalty, in a coalition that is made up of different political forces, a different electorate, different styles and culture”. “Nobody should be surprised that there are differences”, underlines Berlusconi. “We are the Catholic, liberal, pro-European and guarantor component of the center-right, fundamental for winning and governing”.

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