Mayan prophecy, “The calendar has been misread: the end of the world will be June 21, 2020”


If these first months of 2020 seemed to you already full enough of dire events, know that the worst could be to arrive in moments. To be precise today, the June 21, 2020, date on which second the last rereading of the Mayan calendar the end of the world. That’s right, as reported by theHuffington Post, L’Apocalypse foreseen in the mythological prophecy made by the ancient South American people it is not dated December 21, 2012 as theorized by most, but June 21, 2020.

In support of this thesis there would be an alleged error in reading the Gregorian calendar, introduced in 1582 to replace the Julian one. With the change, they were “lost” a few days a year, 11 to be precise, which added up together eight years of difference. “According to the Giuliano calendar, technically we are now in 2012,” wrote the scientist Paolo Tagaloguin in a series of tweets which were then deleted. But that was enough to circulate on social media – especially among conspiracy theorists – the unlikely theory that the final judgment day would therefore be Sunday. All that remains is to see if the phantom prophecy will come true.

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