Maturity, Commission presidents are missing: minus 10% appointments. Unions break with the Ministry


Maturity 2020: there are no committee chairs. The Ministry of Education will shortly publish an ordinance with which it will also allow the appointment of ex officio teachers who are not involved in carrying out the Exams.

The regions with the most difficulties are Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Tuscany.

The information meeting with the Ministry of Education on the imminent issuance of the ordinance was held this morning. The National Headquarters Association is present. President Antonello Giannelli reassures about the examination, but underlines the urgency of an intervention: “The state exam is not at risk, even if urgent action is needed since, according to data in the possession of the Ministry of Education, slightly less than 10% of the appointments are missing at national level. The situation is very diversified at a regional level and the Ordinance will provide the directors of the regional school offices with the regulatory tool for making office appointments“. On the hypothesis of assigning multiple commissions to the same President, Giannelli asks that “this eventuality is not used, which risks excessively aggravating the function of the Presidents“. And he concludes by clarifying that “the data on the participation of school managers of the first and second cycle are entirely in line with those of last year. This confirms once again that school managers are distinguished by a very high sense of responsibility and, when they have to guarantee the service, they are ready to do it“.

Unions-Ministry break

The trade unions that called for the strike on Monday 8 June were not present at this morning’s information meeting.

Consistent with the mobilization on the ground that led us to the proclamation of the strike on 8 June, the uneasy trade unions communicated jointly to the administration the non-participation in the meeting“, Reports the FLC CGIL. “Aware of the difficulty of appointing committee chairs in the regions where the epidemic from Covid-19 has been more painful, the FLC CGIL recalls that both the OM 11/2020 and the security protocol already signed and operational, provide for diversified options in relation to the different epidemiological circumstances and therefore it is possible to foresee that the examinations will take place at a distance where in relation to the different conditions this is necessary to guarantee the safety of staff and students“.

On the same line, the Secretary General of the Uil School, Pino Turi, who says: “We are preparing the strike on June 8th, when we are preparing for a strike we do not go to ordinary administration meetings. We have communicated to the Ministry that it is not even correct to convene union organizations on the eve of a general strike. We are in a phase of conflict at the moment: after the strike we will see. Ours is not a comedy, we are doing a real operation. The union cannot be called as a Red Cross because the Exam committee chairs are missing. We – continues Turi – we signed an agreement to carry out the exams in the presence and we do not remain, as the government did with the unions The pacts are respected, but we cannot be called to the need of the Administration“He concludes.

The strike, he remembers, was called by the trade unions FLCGIL, CISL, UIL, SNALS and GILDA with the following reasons:

  • no availability compared to the request for a strengthening of the staff of the teaching staff and ATA
  • ensure strict compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class in the presence of pupils with disabilities,
  • review at least in this emergency the parameters for the sizing of educational institutions,
  • provide for the safety of buildings,
  • promote regulatory changes that take the school managers away from improper responsibility for the maintenance of buildings, increase FUN resources for management,
  • provide for a competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA.

The Strike Guarantee Commission has meanwhile called for the union strike to be lifted to:

  • failure to comply with the notice period (15 days)
  • failure to comply with the interval rule between strike actions. In fact, a strike is scheduled on 5 June proclaimed by the Cobas for the Education and Research sector.

Despite this, the unions would still intend to continue with the action.

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