Maturity 2020: the issue of ‘fragile’ professors is stirring the day before


High school commissions: “fragile” teachers will be able to follow remotely

According to the explanatory note published by the MI last May 28, in fact, teachers declared “fragile workers” can avoid participating in the exams, thus following everything ‘remotely’, as done in the last three months of lessons. However, the school managers will draw up the list of professors who will complete the school-leaving certificate online, assessing the effective ‘fragility’ of the individual commissioners and transmitting the list to the committee chair. As can be read in the document: “The school manager, on the basis of the medical documents produced by the interested parties, identifies the teachers who, as” fragile workers “, must be able to use the method contemplated by the Ministerial Ordinance no. 10, article 26, paragraph 1, lett. C) “. That is:” in cases where one or more exam commissioners are unable to follow the work in attendance, including the exam test, as a result of specific health provisions related to the epidemiological emergency, the president orders participation of interested parties in videoconferencing or other synchronous telematic mode “.

Commissioners who could be among the “fragile workers”

To give instructions on how to manage the presence of the commissioners at school for the oral interview, the “Technical document on the remodulation of the containment measures in the school sector for the conduct of the state exam in secondary school”, the famous ” protocol “for safety during high school. As for the measures involving school workers, please refer to the protections contained in the Relaunch Decree, which provides for “exceptional health surveillance” for some categories. But who are the “fragile” workers? The decree speaks of those who are “most exposed to the risk of contagion, due to their age or the risk condition deriving from immunosuppression, also from COVID-19 pathology, or from outcomes of oncological pathologies or from carrying out life-saving therapies or in any case from comorbidities that can characterize greater risk. ”

At this point a question arises: to apply for the status of “fragile worker” and to be exempted from the examination in presence, the only factor of seniority will suffice, as the school unions claim? If so, in fact all teachers over 55 years of age may not show up in class. Certainly it would be a large portion of teachers (remember that Italy is one of the countries with the average age of teachers among the highest in Europe). For now the doubts remain. And they can only be clarified starting from June 15, when there will be the plenary meeting of the exam commissions to organize the test. Only then will it be known how many commissioners will sit “really” and not “virtually” in front of the graduates.

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