Maturity 2020, second test materials: difference between exposure and presentation



Maturity 2020, difference between exposure and presentation of the paper

Maturity 2020, difference between exposure and presentation of the paper –
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As we know the maturity 2020 it is made up of one oral exam which will last about an hour and is made up of five different phases. The first phase, as established by the school decree and the ministerial ordinance of 16 May, concerns the discussion of an elaborate done by the students and concerning the subjects that MIUR had already identified on 30 January as the subject of the second test. In short, the paper aims to verify the skills that, in a traditional high school diploma, would have been verified by the second text.

On the Facebook group dedicated to the state exam this year students have curiosities about the first phase of the interview. Giovanni writes: “Hello everyone, little curiosity: do you prepare the elaborate and then expose it (then study it) or will you simply present it to the commission?“. One wonders therefore whether the work in the disciplines of the course should be exposed to the committee or simply delivered. The topic of the same had to be delivered to the students by June 1, and they have until 13 to send it to their teachers.

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Will students then have to present the paper or just present it to the commission? The MIUR ordinance clarifies that this phase concerns precisely:

discussion of a paper concerning the disciplinesof address identified as the subject of the second written test pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 1, letters a) and b) of the Materials Decree“. Then candidates will have to exhibit it and answer questions from the commission regarding the subject of their work.

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