Maturity 2020, Milan: Fontana protests over the nominations of presidents



It is possible that from today until the 15th there are waivers by some presidents: normally 5-7 percent every year forced to retire at the end for health reasons or other impediments. For this reason, they remain in suspense in the regional school offices. As in Milan, where the former League minister, Marco Bussetti, returned to the top of the school office, signed 155 service orders to call on the commissions remained without a head, even secondary school teachers or middle school principals. He chose them from lists that schools had sent to the regional office in recent days, a method resulting from painstaking work by the school offices. With these appointments the 558 commissions of Milan and the Metropolitan City are completed where over 20 thousand students from 17 June at 8:30 will take turns in the classrooms for the interview that this year constitutes maturity. It was widely foreseeable that this situation would arise – explains Bussetti -, and as Territorial School Office we have been working for days to have the complete commissions, in addition to everything in a situation of hardship and emergency even for us who work mainly with staff in Smart mode . Today the complete mosaic, but we necessarily had to make 155 service orders.


Maturity 2020, on the field the Red Cross for teacher safety. Here is the protocol for taking the exam
The help of the Red Cross
Fontana’s protest

To protest the paradoxical situation that has arisen in recent weeks in Lombardy, among others, was the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana who on Facebook as the father of a girl who in a few days will have to face the final exam, wonders how It is possible that many schools still do not know who will serve as committee chair


What will happen if I give up? Other regencies will be assigned to the presidents already nominated, who at the last could find their work doubled.

June 10, 2020 (change June 10, 2020 | 7:49 pm)


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