Mattia’s high school exam, who at 18 years of age defeated the coronavirus: “I talked about Ungaretti, the poet who never lost hope”


he was the youngest to beat the coronavirus, he spent weeks in intensive care, before entering a pharmacological coma he had sent a WhatsApp message to his mother: Mom, they intubate me. I have to go, I love you and I won’t leave you alone. His story, told on the Corriere della Sera, has traveled around the world. This morning Mattia Guarneri, 18, took the final exam at the Torriani Institute in Cremona.

White shirt, brown cargo pants and sneakers on his feet, Mattia exhibited his work in front of the seven members of the examination commission. The beginning of electrical engineering, a presentation of the asynchronous motor, then the Italian part: Ungaretti, a poet in which I identify myself – he explained – because he knew how to react to the misadventures and misfortunes of life without ever losing hope.

To the commissioners who listened to him, Mattia also spoke of his days in the hospital: It might seem strange, but today I can see the positive aspects of the disease – he said -. What I experienced strengthened my values ​​and helped me to rediscover the meaning of things I had always taken for granted. Without being able to be physically close to my family, in the hospital I entrusted myself to the nurses, who gave me enormous affection. The 18 year old, upon exiting the oral service, was celebrated by mom Ombretta, by her grandparents, by the manager from the Territorial School Office Fabio Molinari and a group of friends who were waiting for him at the school gate. In a few days the votes will come out. The first one has already had it: when returning from that experience in intensive care he said: I was afraid, yes: but this time I won.

June 26, 2020 (change June 26, 2020 | 12:26)


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