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“The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella wanted to award the Knight’s honor to the merit of the Republic with a first group of citizens, of different roles, professions and geographical origin, who particularly distinguished themselves in the service to the community during the coronavirus emergency. The awards, attributed to individuals, symbolically represent the choral commitment of many of our fellow citizens in the name of solidarity and constitutional values ​​”. So in a statement from the Quirinale.

All the heroes rewarded by Mattarella

Riccardo Emanuele Tiritiello, student of the Paolo Frisi institute in Milan. With their father and grandfather they cooked for free for the doctors and nurses of the Sacco hospital.

– Francesco Pepe, when he had to close his restaurant in Caiazzo di Caserta, prepared pizzas and biscuits for the poor and elderly in difficulty, organizing a fundraiser for the Caserta hospital.

– Irene Coppola made thousands of masks at her expense. He helped an association for the deaf by inventing a transparent mask to read the lip.

– Alessandro Bellantoni with his taxi made a 1,300 km free ride to bring a three-year-old girl from Vibo Valentia to the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome for an oncological check-up.

– Mahmoud Lufti Ghuniem, in Italy since 2012, is a rider. He presented himself to the Red Cross of Turin with a stock of a thousand masks purchased from his pocket.

– Daniele La Spina Representing the young people of Grugliasco at the service of the city of Turin who have brought essential products to those who need them, in particular to the elderly alone.

– Giacomo Pigni, volunteer of the Auser Ticino-Olona involved about twenty students who started making listening calls to give company to lonely people.

– Pietro Floreno, who has been ill for over ten years with Sla, has announced that he wants to make his lung reserve ventilator available to ASL for coronavirus patients. –

Maurizio Magli, representing the 30 workers of the Tenaris of Dalmine who, when the order for the production of 5 thousand cylinders arrived in the shortest possible time, voluntarily continued to work.

– Greta Stella, professional photographer, volunteer at the Red Cross of Loano (Savona), has created a photographic story of the daily activity of the volunteers.

– Giorgia Depaoli, international cooperator and is dedicated in particular to the defense of women’s rights. He immediately gave his availability to the platform “Trento helps himself”.

– Carlo Olmo, has contributed to supplying Piedmont municipalities and health facilities free of charge with masks, gloves and gowns.

– Maria Sara Feliciangeli, founder of the Angeli in Moto Association, together with her biker friends, has committed herself to delivering medicines at home to people with multiple sclerosis.

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