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“In our country – as in any other – there is a constant need to guarantee respect for legality. Also for this reason, the judiciary must necessarily commit itself to recovering credibility and the trust of citizens, so seriously questioned by recent news events. “President Sergio Mattarella said it in a ceremony for the anniversaries of the killing of Nicola Giacumbi, Girolamo Minervini, Giudo Galli, Mario Amato, Gaetano Costa and Rosario Livatino

“The documentation collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia – the relevance of which must be assessed in its own premises provided for by the law – seems to present the image of a judiciary leaning over itself, concerned about building consents for internal use, aimed at assigning assignments” , Mattarella stressed.

“What appeared further”, after the scandal that opened a year ago within the CSM, “provides the perception of the vastness of the phenomenon then denounced; and suggests a wide diffusion of the severe distortion developed around the criteria and decisions of various obligations in the autonomous government of the judiciary, “added the President of the Republic.

“I’m sure,” he added, that the serious distortions that emerged within the CSM “do not belong to the Judiciary as a whole, which represents an Order engaged in the daily elaboration of the response of justice with respect to a question that becomes increasingly pressing and complex. I would like to underline, also in this circumstance, that to bring to the fore the events, which cause such serious bewilderment in public opinion, was an action of the Judiciary, which carried out its function without hesitation or hesitation of any kind. The vast majority of magistrates are foreign to the “ethical modesty” – of which it has been written in recent days – emerged from conversations published in some newspapers and the subject of wide debate in public opinion. And, also for this reason, one cannot ignore the risk that some attacks on the judiciary in its entirety are, in reality, instrumentally directed to question its indispensable independence “.

“I felt, and I think, I have a duty not to pretend to expand” the sphere of the constitutional powers of the president, added Mattarella. “There are no contingent reasons that can justify the alteration of the assignment of tasks made by the Constitution: any arbitration made in the name of alleged good reasons would open the way for other arbitrators, for bad reasons”.

Loyalty to the Constitution “is the only loyalty required of the servants of the state. The only loyalty to which to stick and feel bound”. Sergio Mattarella said so.

It is necessary, Mattarella continued, “rigorous respect for the rules of the Constitution. There are sometimes exhortations, addressed to the President of the Republic, to take this or that other initiative, without reflecting on the limits of the powers assigned by the Charter to the various constitutional bodies. this encourages a reading of the figure and functions of the President which differs from what is foreseen and clearly indicated by the Constitution “.

“Every reform intervention that we are going to carry out, from the reduction of the time of the trial to the revision of the judiciary, must aim to deliver to the citizen a justice, not only more efficient and fast, but also and above all more credible through the recovery of trust in the judiciary. “The Minister of Justice said so Alfonso Bonafede, at the ceremony at the Quirinale.

“We need to work seriously, relentlessly – said Bonafede – because the recent scandals that have weakened the image of the judiciary in the eyes of the community impose the need to activate a path of moral redemption, also to protect the majority of magistrates who work daily with sobriety and professionalism, not thinking exclusively of career rewards and not seeking visibility (media) “.

“Nobody can ask a magistrate to be a hero”, but no judge can “scar” their memory, “muddying the credibility, prestige and honorability of the judiciary”. “Those who barter their duty with careerist aims, those who sell off ideals for personal power, those who defile their role with business practices have only to be ashamed and apologize. They betray their function, their colleagues, the institution”. The vice president of the CSM said so David Ermini at the ceremony at the Quirinale.

“I assure you, Mr. President, that the ethical brutalization of the judiciary has in the current CSM – said David Ermini – the most tenacious and unyielding adversary. To counter any current waste and maintain self-government in the wake traced by the Constitutional Charter our daily harassment is already now and even more in the months to come, fully aware that this is what the great majority of magistrates expect from us “.

“It has always been said that ‘without memory there is no future’, but I would like to reverse this adage and say that ‘without future there is no memory’. If the judiciary deserves to preserve memory and memory of Nicola Giacumbi, Girolamo Minervini , Guido Galli, Mario Amato, Gaetano Costa and Rosario Livatino must start from their example, and on their sense of sacrifice, rebuild their own future and morality. He can do it, he has the strength. But he must do it now, he must do it immediately “. CSM vice president David Ermini said it in the ceremony at the Quirinale in memory of the magistrates Giacumbi, Minervini, Galli, Amato and Costa, killed 40 years ago by red and black terrorism and of Rosario Livatino the judge boy, who died 30 years ago for mafia hand. Ermini recalled the words pronounced by Livatino, on the independence of the judge, who is also substantiated “in his unavailability to initiatives and business, in the renunciation of any desire for assignments and prebends”: “is the model to which each magistrate has the duty to get inspired. “

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