Massimo Mantellini, Conte’s anti-hate expert, infuriates everyone. What he wrote about Lombardia – Il Tempo


It is stormy for a tweet by Massimo Mantellini, writer and intellectual among the experts that the government of Giuseppe Conte has chosen for the interministerial task force against online hatred. “I’ll say it slowly: let’s close the Lombards in Lombardy. At least for this summer, ”wrote Mantellini in fact triggering the reaction, certainly not of love, of many users of the network. The leader of the league Matteo Salvini went on a rampage: “The” intellectual “expert chosen by the government for the task force against HATE ON THE NET speaks. But do you realize? Disgusting”.

The Carroccio calls for the resignation of the government consultant. “Discriminating Lombardy and Lombardy, all the more at the moment, is unbecoming. Even more serious, if this action is committed by one of the components, identified by the Government, of the task force set up to counter the rampant phenomenon of online hatred. respect for the victims and their families, as well as all those who have struggled and worked to defeat the epidemic in recent months, we will summon Mr. Mantellini to the Chamber of Deputies in the Fake News Commission and then we will ask Minister Pisano to remove him from office “, scroivono the deputies of the Lega Massimiliano Capitanio and Giulio Centemero.

“Excellent idea!” Comments the Councilor for the Budget of the Lombardy Region Davide Caparini. “Relaunch: together with the Lombards, we will no longer get 56 billion of their taxes out of Lombardy, which generously contribute to the wealth of the country,” writes the Lombard councilor.

Mantellini’s reply does not go into the matter: “Two interesting things seem to me to come from the comments of my previous tweet. The first is that it seems to me there is”. More than usual. The second is that there is an automatic reflex so that if you talk about health, many respond by talking about money. “In short, if his tweet has generated hatred, which with his task force he fights, it is the fault of” a lot of tension around “.

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