Mass Effect Trilogy will be released in the fall, does EA have big plans for the launch?


As reported by GameReactor, Electronic Arts would have big plans for the launch of Mass Effect Trilogy, a collection that would mark the return of the brand to the screens after the warm welcome reserved for Mass Effect Andromeda.

According to the source, Electronic Arts would have big plans for the launch of the Mass Effect Trilogy, the game is expected in the autumn (presumably on PC, PS4, Xbox One and probably PS5 and Xbox Series X) and will be treated as a real Christmas blockbuster, in the absence of new Battlefield and Star Wars games. This means that the collection will enjoy a high-budget advertising campaign with the aim of reaching a large number of potential consumers, and not just hardcore gamers.

We are awaiting confirmation or denial, it is not excluded at this point that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered can be announced during the EA Play event on June 19, a show that will also see the presence of another iconic Electronic Arts franchiseor Need for Speed.

Mass Effect Trilogy will include the remastered versions of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 with the addition of all the DLCs, it is unclear whether other content such as behind the scenes videos, developer comments, soundtrack, artwork and other bonus material will also be featured.

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