Masks, mandatory in Lombardy until 30 June | Throughout Italy more exceptions than rules


In Piedmont, masks will remain mandatory until July 14th. In Trento the obligation expires on Monday 15 June. In Emilia Romagna nose and mouth still covered, but with exceptions. From June 19, for example, those who attend outdoor shows can keep it in their pocket, but only respecting the distance.

Obligation extended also in Liguria, in crowded places. It is possible to take it off if you are alone and outdoors, such as on the beach. In Tuscany they must be worn at least until the end of June. “Releasing the obligation would put everyone at risk,” said President Rossi. In Veneto, formally, masks are no longer mandatory from June 1. “But the risks are not over – Zaia remembers – When we leave the house, we remember to wear them”.

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