Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5? Insomniac has another game coming sooner, says Schreier –


Many are betting on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as one of the upcoming titles for SS5, perhaps already presented during the conference tonight on the new Sony console, but the always well informed Jason Schreier is not of this opinion, according to which Insomniac would have a other game to be presented before the sequel to the Marvel blockbuster.

In a tweet then promptly deleted, Jason Schreier replied to anyone who asked about the possibility of seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at tonight’s PS5 presentation stating “Insomniac has another game arriving soon“, without, of course, going into details. The veracity of this information, albeit vague, obviously lies above all in the reliability shown by the journalist in question, who usually does not go out of balance unless he has a solid foundation in terms of information.

Even the sudden cancellation of the tweet increases the suspicion that Schreier’s claim is true, thus suggesting that Insomniac has another game in preparation and more ready than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with the possibility that this mysterious title will be shown right at the PS5 presentation tonight.

So what could it be? In fact, many suspects have already thickened on a possible return of Ratchet, perhaps with a new chapter in the series which is still part of the historical collaborations between the team and Sony. Speaking of well-known titles, one cannot avoid thinking of another series linked to the PlayStation platforms, that is Resistance, considering that some clues had already suggested in the last few days news arriving on the series.

These are the main suspects, but Insomniac is a team that can also work on something completely new, as demonstrated in recent years with the launch of Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One.

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