Martina Rossi, for the judges of appeal, did not die escaping rape: the two defendants acquitted. The father: “They took away our honor”


There Court of Appeal of Florence acquitted because “the fact does not exist” Luca Vanneschi is Alessandro Albertoni in the trial for the death of Martina Rossi. The two young men of Castiglion Fibocchi (Arezzo) were accused of attempted sexual violence of group against the 20enne of Genoa that the August 3, 2011 died falling from a hotel balcony Palma de Mallorca where he was on vacation: according to the prosecution he was fleeing the attempt to rape by the two boys. At first instance, the December 14, 2018, the two young men had been sentenced by the Court of Arezzo to 6 years, but today the Florence appeal judges reversed the sentence. On the other hand, the charge of death as a consequence of another crime was prescribed last November, also on the crime of attempted sexual violence the prescription that will be triggered in the 2021.

“After such a tragedy, it’s like going under a tank,” he says his father Bruno Rossi – the work of years by magistrates and first instance judges has been canceled. It is an unjust thing and not up to logic. Martina didn’t jump alone, she wanted to live and she wasn’t fragile. They raised our honor. “

The sentence was expected on March 11 but was postponed due to the covid-19 emergency. In one of the last hearings the Attorney General, Luciana Sanglitico, had asked to be sentenced to 3 years for both young people, at the time peers of the girl, after the prescription for one of the two charges. The two boys instead have always said they are innocent and their lawyers have requested the acquittal or alternatively the reopening of the trial for defects in the investigation. The two defendants were acquitted on the merits.

The story dates back to August 3, 2011 when the architecture student Martina Rossi fell from the hotel balcony Sant’Ana of Palma de Mallorca, where he was on vacation with two friends. Spanish magistrates had filed the investigation as suicide, but the tenacity of the father of Martina, the former Genoese trade unionist Bruno Rossi, had led to the opening of the investigation by the Genoa public prosecutor’s office, which then passed to Arezzo. According to the prosecution, the attempt was made to attempt the sexual assault by the two boys from Arezzo known on the spot: during the trial, the remains of the girl were exhumed, too deteriorated to experience sexual violence, but one of the tests that convinced the judges of Arezzo and Florence is the fact that the young woman had been found only in briefs.

During the final indictment, the pg of Florence Sanglitico he had accused the two boys harshly: “That evening Martina was in the company of the two boys and then strangely she fell out of the window – the pg had said in the final indictment – because when she flew down they didn’t rush to help her? Instead, they wanted everyone to believe that she was crazy and that entering her room had taken her own life. Instead, Martina’s friends, relatives and colleagues tell us another thing: she was an architecture student and had the dreams, plans and disturbances of her peers “. Different version of one of the two boys, Alberto Albertoni, who released spontaneous declarations on February 17 saying that that evening “after smoking a rod” Martina “had gone crazy: she didn’t know where she was or what she was doing”.

The Minister of Justice was also directly interested in the matter, Alfonso Bonafede, who had received the girl’s father in January after the statute of limitations for one of the two crimes. In a February interview to Everyday occurrenceBruno Rossi said: “Martina did not fall alone from that balcony. Those who kill a person cannot cope with the prescription, especially after a sentencing sentence. It’s not an injustice: it’s a scandal. ”

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