Mars, NASA tests the mini helicopter for the upcoming launch: the video


The final preparations are underway for the now imminent launch of Perseverance. However, not everyone knows that to “accompany” the NASA rover there will also be a mini helicopter.

In particular, according to what reported by the New York Times and as explained by NASA itself on its official blog, the US Space Agency is testing this “aircraft”, called Ingenuity (but also known as Mars Helicopter Scout), within its laboratories. The goal is clearly to simulate the conditions that will be on Mars. For this reason, NASA is testing the “mini helicopter” inside an experimental low pressure chamber.

It looks like the Space Agency is succeeding, given that the latest tests are giving positive results. Among the various challenges that NASA had to face, there was that of the Ingenuity blades, which “bounced” up and down because of the low pressure. The Space Agency seems to have managed to resolve the inconvenience used of the more solid materials for the blades.

The “mini helicopter” will leave for his journey to Mars on 20 July 2020, along with the Perseverance rover. If everything goes according to plan, the arrival should take place on February 18, 2021. Ingenuity will be used for several “flights”, up to 5 within 30 days. Thanks to the Mars Helicopter Scout, NASA may be able to obtain unedited top views of the surface of the Red Planet, helping the Space Agency to find interesting points. Think it should be the first heavier-than-air “aircraft” to fly to another planet.

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