Maria Cristina Rota at Palazzo Chigi by Giuseppe Conte. The tough title of Franco Bechis – Libero Quotidiano


She arrived at Palazzo Chigi, Maria Cristina Rota, the Bergamo prosecutor who will listen to the premier, Giuseppe Conte, as a person informed of the facts, in the investigation into the failure to establish the red zone in Alzano Lombardo and Nembro in the Bergamasco. For his part, the premier will reiterate that the Lombardy region had the technical tools to act independently like other regions. In short, it will point the finger at Attilio Fontana is Giulio Gallera. It remains to be seen what Rota will think of it, defined by Franco Bechis up The weather, in the opening title, “the premier’s nightmare”. A title that speaks for itself and that you can see below.

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