Marcus Rashford, who is the Manchester footballer who convinced Boris Johnson


Marcus Rashford a talent that loves to burn the stages and that, from the parts of Manchester, many have even compared to George Best, one who for it United still a religion. In particular for the precocit: in February 2016, al debut in Cups European (an injury of Martial in heating forced Van Gaal to throw it), with a brace to the Danes of Midtjylland, who became the youngest scorer in the history of the club in the European cups, snatching the primacy from the former Golden Ball.

The inevitable call in the national team, with even the debut among the greats that precedes that of the Under 21, and even if not the youngest to wear the shirt of the Three Lions, again on faster to score: 135 seconds in the friendly against Australia on May 27, 2016, here too a primacy of earliness. Not only that: the c.t. Roy Hodgson to earn his place at the European Championship in France: a convocation so fast as to send the experienced staff tailors into crisis, given that there was no official uniform tailored for the young long-limbed.

Now four years have passed since those beginnings: on October 31 the veteran from Saint Kitts and Nevis will be 23 years old, he has more appearances with the National team (38, 10 goals) than with all the added youths (7, too good to be held among the peers and one of whom, with a hat-trick, in the Under 21), of which 18 on the football fields (and at United since he was 7).

The boy he grew up with Ronaldo – the phenomenon – as an idol (his first match at the stadium? April 23, 2003, Manchester United-Real Madrid 4-3, with the Brazilian hat-trick), now in turn an idol. And not only because the product is made and finished in the city, but also for its sensitivity and composure.

In the past he was insulted for the color of his skin both in the national team (in Bulgaria) and by his own fans for a wrong penalty, but without raising your voice he replied via Twitter Now I have enough, everything must end there. Not a protest, just the great seriousness, that one of the accusations that is also made by his teammates at times. The aforementioned Premier League debut, for example, was not celebrated: the next day, anecdotal wishes, there was the chemistry classwork.

Also there victory against the government, who did not consider it appropriate to renew the school meal voucher for poor children – in England alone over one million and three hundred thousand – during the summer holidays – was early: less than 48 hours from the open letter that Rashford wrote, telling of his childhood difficulties, to the reaction of Downing Street. And in this case too, the reaction was measured: I don’t even know what to say: look at what we can do if we join, the words entrusted to Twitter.

During the coronavirus quarantine, Marcus was still personally engaged with an association against food waste, helping to raise £ 20 million, plus 22 million euros, such a figure that the FareShare initiative, initially destined for the area surrounding Manchester, became national. And it has achieved 3 million children across the UK. This is also why listening to Boris Johnson was inevitable.

As controlled and measured outside the home as it has never been on the pitch. His first manager, at Fletcher Moss Rangers, told of the boy at a game: I took him to a tournament and watched him: in 10 minutes he scored 12 goals and we won like 20-0. And he was not yet 7 years old. Exaggerated, early, explosive, but above all incisive.

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