Marchisio: “I could never be the Juventus manager”


Cristiano Ronaldo? The years before he signed for the Juve we have met him many times: it really put you in difficulty and is still proving it. I am struck by his desire to keep fit and at high levels. Sometimes even if your desire is so great there is always some stake that gets in the way. He, on the other hand, is always at high levels and truly shows how much he is working to remain among the number one“. Claudio Marchisio he spends words on honey for the Portuguese champion and hopes that he will remain in Juventus for a long time. “Will go away? I don’t know but I hope not. For the Juventus and for the interest he brought in Serie A, he got involved. I hope it stays“Said the Principino in live Instagram with Simona Ventura.

Marchisio: “This is how my path to Juve started”

Marchisio: “Never Juventus manager”

It will be interesting to see the first days of the championship, to see how these teams will be. For us too, for the pleasure of seeing this sport, the possibility of playing in the evening could only improve the quality of the game. I future Juventus manager? No, but why don’t I see myself being a coach. You have to have special skills, to know how to keep a group together“.

Juve, Leclerc-Douglas Costa curtain

Marchisio: “At Zenit because …”

At Zenit and not in Serie A in order not to make a rude to Juve. “It was the main reason. Not only for what Juve and fans gave me, but also for what I had experienced and experienced in those years. There is also to say that within me there has always been the desire to be able to have an experience abroad. It is an experience for the whole family, for the children who go to school, the wife … At home my wife no longer had friends, she did not speak Russian. In the team I spoke English and a little Spanish because there were many Argentines. Then the dynamics of a field are simpler, the real language is of the feet and the head“.

Marchisio: “Abroad so as not to betray Juve”

Marchisio’s favorite coach

The coach who has remained in my heart is Maurizio Schincaglia, in the youth sector. It really made me grow. He had a great career in Serie A and Sere B, he gave me so much not only as a coach but as a dad. In the youth sector there are the real architects that make you become a footballer“.

On the resumption of the championship

I saw the Bundesliga: they had very little time and it was seen with a very low pace, which is now increasing with level and performance. It is a bit different here, there is a more gradual start to risk not getting hurt even if some players have run into injuries. Now we work a few more days together, they know how to face these games. We need to dose the players a bit at this stage, who has a larger squad is lucky enough to manage the players better“.

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