Marcel Marceau a mime against Nazism – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 20 – As often happens, the life of
famous people has little known and surprising aspects. IS
the case of Marcel Marceau, actor and above all, as a mime,
cultural ambassador of the art of silence, a man who a
at a certain point in his life he challenged Nazism by helping more than
one hundred orphans to flee France to Switzerland. This the
Jonathan’s story of ‘Resistance – The Voice of Silence’
Jakubowicz, film with Jesse Eisenberg, Cléménce Poesy and Édgar
Ramírez, which from June 23 will be exclusively in VOD on
main platforms (Sky Primafila – Apple Tv – Chili –
Google Play – Infinity – TimVision – Rakuten TV – Cg
Entertainment – The FIlm Club).
The mime (Eisenberg) in fact, recruited by his cousin Georges
Loinger, commander of the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants unit,
together with the politically engaged Emma (Poésy), she brought from
France to neutral Switzerland a large group of children. IS
this thanks also to the charm of his art.
“Marceau kept the kids quiet while they ran away – ha
said Philippe Mora, son of one of the resistance companions of
Marceau -. He didn’t use his acting skills just for
put the children at ease, used them to save them
lives. If they had been discovered by the Germans, none of them
he would have no chance. He was mimicking his and their lives. ”

Until then, young Marcel had been only one of the
many aspiring actors of Jewish origins who grow in
a Europe occupied by the Germans of the Third Reich and has none
going to get involved in the conflict and end up at
front. He prefers to perform in burlesque clubs, albeit
thwarted by his father who would like him a butcher like him.



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