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Eleonora Daniele thanks and surprises Mara Venier with incredible news. Live, Mara’s surprise and emotion: she didn’t expect such a request

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Eleonora Daniele she recently became a mother. The host of Italian stories in fact, she gave birth to little Carlotta. An indescribable emotion for her and her husband Giulio Tassoni, who for months had been anxiously waiting.

Mara Venier, great friend of Eleonora, has decided to pay homage to the birth of little Carlotta with a video aired on Domenica In. “Voglio greet Eleonora Daniele, I want to greet her and Giulio who have become Carlotta’s parents. I want to greet them with this video“. These are the words of Aunt Mara before sending the video clip.

Daniele, for her part, thanked through a post on Instagram. Let’s see the presenter’s request to Mara Venier which surprised everyone.

Eleonora Daniele, the surprise for Mara Venier: what will she have to do for little Carlotta?

Mara Venier Eleonora Daniele
Instagram photo: @eleonora_daniele_official

Carlotta’s birth was the most beautiful moment in Eleonora Daniele’s life. Mara Venier knows this well and celebrated the event with a video tribute in her Sunday In program.

Daniele thanked excitedly for the surprise: Thanks to the godmother of the heart Mara Venier, for this video that made me move today, always extraordinary: thanks Mara for this beautiful surprise that I saw on your successful Sunday In with our Carlotta in your arms … you are special. It’s not every day to get excited like this! “.

Well yes, you read that right. Mara Venier will be the godmother for the baptism of little Carlotta. As said, the two conductors are great friends and in fact Eleonora has chosen Mara to play the role of godmother of her daughter.

What an honor for Mara this happy news. And think what responsibility for little Carlotta to have as mother Eleonora Daniele and as godmother Mara Venier: two great conductors who are making the history of Rai.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, the Lady of Sunday was the victim of a domestic accident that cost him a broken foot.

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