Manolas, the truth about the failure to call for Verona: the background of Sky


Kostas Manolas has not been called up for Verona, the editorial team of Sky Sport has revealed a background from Castel Volturno.

Kostas Manolas is one of the pins of the Napoli locker room, the footballer after the post-quarantine injury, he remained to watch his teammates even during the match against Juventus in the Italian Cup final. The triumph of the Neapolitan team has left an indelible mark in the soul of the Greek defender, who also through social networks has highlighted his satisfaction with the trophy he brought home for the first time since he wore a team jersey Italian.

Kostas Manolas he followed the team in Rome despite not playing, the team spirit in Gennaro Gattuso’s men is strong. Today, however, in view of the trip to La Scala against the Verona, the defender was not summoned by the Calabrian manager. How do you know Sky Sport no foreclosure against him and it could not be otherwise. The truth about the missed call is clear, Gattuso wanted to preserve him from the trip to Verona in view of the championship tour de force in the next few days.

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