Maniero, the companion speaks: “An ordeal, I was with him but I was afraid.” The boss sentenced to 4 years


He refuses the judge, fights in jail, denounces the director, says he is sick before the sentence. A fury. In the end, after yet another twist, the judge from Brescia managed to read the sentence: 4 years in prison for mistreatment on his partner and 25 thousand euros in compensation. When they told him, in the Voghera penitentiary where he has been held since last October, Felice Maniero did not have the mocking grin of all time. This is a condemnation even surprising for a computer like him, very heavy if compared to just 11 years of imprisonment discounted for 12 murders and about 200 robberies committed in twenty years by bosses of the Mala del Brenta.

“Too heavy”

“Too much!” Growled his lawyer Luca Broli. Of course he will appeal, but the impression is that at least two more years between prison and house arrest will not be taken away by anyone. “The prosecutor had asked for 6 and 8 months, there was a discount and also a de-registration but it is clear that he did not take it well,” acknowledges the lawyer. Instead, sighs of relief on the other side, that is, on the side of the companion of a life, mother of her last daughter, the beloved: “My client is finally serene, the sentence shows the credibility of the testimony”, says the lawyer Germana Giacobbe .
She, a Paduan, now forty-eight, has always been at Maniero’s side: was with him in 1994 when they arrested him in the center of Turin where they were shopping. She was with him in confinement, under house arrest, free, Treviso, Bologna, Ancona, Brescia. “I met him in 1992, since he had a relationship with my sister (mother of the second son, who died in 1989 falling from the stairs, ed). When she died we stayed in touch and in 1993 we got engaged, we started living together in 1995 “, he told the police officer who recorded his story on May 23 last year.

«He hit me several times»

Until 2016, no problem. Then “Report” reveals his life as an entrepreneur in the water sector, at that time in crisis, the new name and everything changes. “He started blaming me for his job failure and being violent … I was the ruin of the family for him, I didn’t want to do anything». The situation then precipitated, thanks to the lack of work, the money that runs out, the treasure of a criminal life, 33 billion lire, entrusted to his brother-in-law and disappeared.
In short, the comfortable life is less and the family is forced to leave the villa for a popular apartment for rent. “One evening in autumn, he came back from the bar, took me by the neck and put me on the wall … One morning two years ago he slapped me on the ground, kicked me and kicked my hair. “Colonel, 100 push-ups,” he said. He hit me with a punch in the mouth … I was with him in a state of constant fear I lost 7 kilos and I bought a pepper spray to defend myself that I never used ».

«No punch, he stole my money»

Two months later, on October 17 of last year, the arrest of Maniero. «I absolutely deny that I punched her – she defends herself before the judge on October 21 – I did several years of boxing as a kid, so I know how to punch and if I do it I break the bones, I make her faint at least … I admit the insults, some slap will have flown … he was nervous about how he answered me ». Love, a memory. «One day – she says – my daughter accompanies me to the emergency room, I had strong dizziness … I burst into tears and I told everything. The next day they accompanied me to a protected structure ». But for Angel Face he didn’t tell everything: “In 2005-2006 I found her stealing my money from a hiding place, a 100-euro package … When I failed we had made a pact, we must both work to send our daughter to university. You did not keep that agreement. ” Now there is prison, an environment that he knows very well. For having entered it several times and for escaping it with legendary escapes.

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