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Giuseppe Conte had promised it to the mayors fifteen days ago: “I will not allow the municipalities to go bankrupt, there is the possibility that a new budget variance will soon be asked” to get new money. Now that “coming soon” indicated by the premier is getting closer. And it is the Prime Minister himself who says: “The possibility that we will have to intervene in more immediate times is not excluded”. Throw air of an 8-10 billion summer maneuver. Money with another deficit overrun to be authorized by Brussels, but in times of emergency getting more flexibility is not a problem. Money for Municipalities, but also for school, tourism and for all other sectors most affected by Covid.

The 5 stars push for the end of June, in line with the times of the simplification decree. The Democratic Party does not indicate a date, but underlines the urgency of having more resources. Meanwhile, a request for money in Brussels has already started: 30 billion of Sure loans to extend the layoffs until the end of the year and to have resources available for self-employed workers.

The pressing of the majority parties to ensure that the government requests a new authorization from Parliament as soon as possible to further overcome the deficit stems from a consideration that also belongs to Palazzo Chigi and the Treasury: the decrees put in place since the beginning of the emergency to date they are unable to cover all needs. The crisis bites and the latest intervention, the Relaunch decree, is at best able to give reassurances in the short term (read the layoff until 31 October) or in the very short term (bonuses for self-employed workers are expected until May). And then there is the disillusionment about the money that can come from Europe through the Recovery Fund: they will arrive not earlier than next year and who knows how many. According to a study by think tank economist Bruegel, Zsolt Darvas, 75% of the funds can only be spent starting from 2023. At the moment it is the same mechanism that is at the mercy of quarrels and negotiations between Member States, let alone if the crisis awaits all this. The Mes funds, which are available, are hostage to an internal political decision that does not mature and the Sure fund, the one created to mitigate the blows of unemployment by Covid, is also a tool to be perfected.

In the meantime, however, money is needed. Laura Castelli, 5-star Deputy Minister of Economy, claims to Adnkronos the need to do immediately: “I have been saying this for months, they are indispensable resources for moving forward and will serve to finance, in addition to local authorities, tourism, crafts, commerce and , of course, the school, so as to ensure the restart of the school year in September. This is money that is needed immediately, before the maneuver, to end the year 2020 “. The pentastellati want the difference, equal to 0.6% of GDP, to arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers together with the decree on simplifications, expected around June 25th. It is not only the deputy minister who is pushing, but the whole party. Political leader Vito Crimi says that “the 5-star movement favorably considers an intervention” of ten billion. And he also indicates a list of interventions: school, municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises. Alessandro Di Battista also marries the line.

But it is also the Democratic Party, the party to which the Treasury owner Roberto Gualtieri belongs, that is pressing on the accelerator. Fabio Melilli, who holds the fate of the Relaunch decree in Parliament, being the speaker, says: “I think it is appropriate that the government reflect on a further deviation of the budget Until now important answers have been given but from tourism to automotive, without forgetting the issue of work and local authorities, it is necessary to give further answers “.

The signal that comes from the majority parties and from a piece of the government is clear: it is useless to wait for money that will arrive who knows when, useless to think only about planning the plan to get the money from the Recovery Fund, we must immediately put other fresh money on the plate. Conte opens, even if he calls first to measure the effects of the measures put in place. And also from via XX Settembre caution is invoked. When news of the promise made by Conte to the mayors leaked, Gualtieri said that “it is premature to foresee it with respect to the time of allocation of resources,” while explaining that technical solutions are being studied. A top-level Treasury source reveals a HuffPost: “I am not aware of immediate intervention, but I do not rule it out for the future”. But net of Gualtieri’s prudence, it is the same position as the premier that reveals that the theme of the summer maneuver is there. The air is already felt.

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