Mandragora, crack in the knee. Juve was close to redemption, what can happen now


Ouch, Mandrake: this hurts. Also at Juve. The Udinese midfielder was seriously injured in tonight’s match between Juventus and Turin: an unnatural twist of the knee that forced him to leave the field immediately, with tears in his eyes. Deeply disconsolate, practically certain of having to say goodbye to the season finale. ALSO JUVE HOPES – Only the instrumental exams will tell the recovery times and how much Mandragora must seriously worry about the next season. The injury also affects Juventus directly, already at stake with Udinese for the redemption of the midfielder, who would only then re-enter the market. 26 million, the figure promised for Rolando’s return to Turin, albeit for a short time: now what? Buyers at the window, if the breaking of the crusader were confirmed, would begin to run low. And who knows if this won’t change the cards on the black and white table: buy it back, at least now, it seems a bit more distant.

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