Mandarini: “Gattuso, how hungry! A player said: if he calls at 4:00 to go to war, I’m going”


The Corriere dello Sport journalist spoke on the radio to have his say on Gennaro Gattuso, Napoli coach.

Fabio Mandarini made some statements during Mars Sport Live, in-depth transmission on hot topics in the Neapolitan house – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his considerations entrusted to the Campania broadcaster: Gennaro Gattuso is a coach who has great hold on footballers. Without taking anything away from its predecessors, it is difficult to remember a coach who is able to enter the soul of the team so much “.

Mandarini then added: I do not mention names, but I can tell you that I have heard someone say: ‘If he called at night to go to war, I would go there’. Rino is hungry and a crazy desire, transmits it to everyone. The team knows it has to respond after a difficult period even before the pandemic. The answer must be given to the public even in the absence of the public itself. The Italian Cup can be a great chance to give an important response to people and an even greater sense of the current season “.

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