Madonna Medjugorje, message June 25/39 years ago the first apparition of Mary


39 years ago the mysterious “phenomenon” of Medjugorje began and this morning, waiting for the new message arriving tonight in the usual apparition of GOSPA to Marja Pavlovic, father Marinko, parish priest of Medjugorje and the visionaries Marija and Ivanka they went to the Monte Podbro at dawn. The “hill of apparitions” normally at this time of year is full of pilgrims from all over the world, but for anti-Covid measures this year the procession was much smaller: the prayer was led by the parish priest, as reported by the portal “The Light of Mary” and ended in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. “Our Lady is here to encourage us, to relieve us from our efforts, to instill hope and to guide us towards her Son, the only true Savior and sense of our lifeSaid the parish priest of Medjugorje starting the 39th anniversary of the apparitions of GOSPA.


At the the eve of the anniversary of the first apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje (it was June 25, 1981), the seer Ivan he received a brief “extraordinary” message communicated this morning to the Bosnian parish (and through the portal “Papaboys” which reached Italy): «I would like to greet you all heartily on this day, today 39 years ago, our Lady started knocking on the door of my heart. I will try to present the most important elements of our meeting tonight. Today is a very important day and cannot be compared to anyone else. Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy tonight” has explained Ivan Dragicevic, Mirjana’s brother after the mysterious appearance of GOSPA. And here is the message delivered through him to the world: «Dear children, I come to you because my son Jesus sends me. I want to guide you to him, I want you to find true peace in him, because today’s world cannot offer you true peace. Therefore also today I invite you to perseverance in prayer. Pray for my plans, projects that I wish to carry out with this parish and with the whole world. Dear children, I am not tired, so dear children, you do not tire too. I pray for all of you and intercede with my son Jesus for each of you. Thank you dear children because even today you said yes and you answered my call».


The new message of the Our Lady of Medjugorje following the traditional – and still mysterious today – apparition of the Queen of Peace a Marija Pavlovic: since the extraordinary message for the apparitions a Mirjana, another visionary from Medjugorje, scheduled for the second day of the month was “suspended“(Because of what was communicated by the Mother of God to her beloved daughter at the beginning of 2020, ed.) The message of the 25th remains the most awaited appointment by millions of pilgrims scattered around the world. Not only that, thereCovid-19 emergency the spasmodic expectation for the words of Our Lady has increased even more, as many are now unable to travel to the places of Medjugorje with all the new anti-Covid rules imposed by the various states with related limitations to travel still in some countries. “Children, in your hearts you know what has to change: return to God and His Commandments so that the Holy Spirit can change your lives and the face of this earth, which needs renewal in the Spirit»Explained GOSPA in the message of 25 May, reflecting on the gloomy period that the world is suffering and not for this by giving up prayer to the Only Begotten Son.


Taking a cue from a message from the past – precisely on July 25, 1998 – reported yesterday as the prayer of the day from portal ““It is precisely the gesture of asking the Lord to” revolutionize “today’s world:«I invite you to be with Jesus through prayer, in order to discover the beauty of God’s creatures through personal experience in prayer. You cannot speak or testify of prayer if you do not pray, therefore, children, in the silence of the heart stay with Jesus, so that He will change you and transform you with His Love». Meantime Medjugorje tries to return to a “pseudo-normality”, just like the other places in Europe, after the blackest period for the lockdown: yesterday, for example, the traditional one took place Peace March for the feast of St. John the Baptist as well as the eve of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Madonna to Bosnian visionaries. Due to the preventive measures for the coronavirus, the faithful of other nations are unfortunately unable to reach Medjugorje but the inhabitants of the place and the Bosnian pilgrims still have a chance to participate by returning to the traditional procession departing from the Franciscan convent of Saint Anthony of Humac and conclusion in front of the church of San Giacomo in Medjugorje with the priest’s Eucharistic blessing. The prayer for peace, the same that GOSPA requires more and more often in his messages to humanity through the humble witness of Marja Pavlovic.


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