Maddie McCann, the number one suspect arrested in Milan


There is perhaps a turning point in the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann, which occurred in Portugal in 2007 during a vacation with her parents, when the little girl was only three years old. The suspect is a German pedophile, Christian Stefan Brueckner, 43, who is currently in prison where he is serving a sentence of almost 7 years for drug trafficking.

Suspect number one stopped in Milan

As reported by Corriere, Brueckner had been arrested in Milan on 28 September 2018 while he was going down the stairs of the German consulate in via Solferino, where he had gone to report the loss of the passport. The man, born in Germany, in Wurzburg, had been stopped by the carabinieri of the IV section of the Investigation Unit following a European report. A 43 year old had been hanging on the 43 year old arrest warrant international issued by the judicial authority of Flensburg in Germany. Brueckner was in Milan without a permanent home, but in reality he was a pedophile suspected of kidnapping the little Maddie. The German authorities had at the time speculated that the wanted person was in our country and had had the arrest warrant issued.

At 7.30 in the morning the man had gone to the consulate to report the loss of his passport. He probably did not believe that even in Italy they were aware of his crimes committed abroad. Nor that the arrest warrant could also be valid in our country. The Catturandi military, led by Captain Marco Prosperi, just waited and blocked him as soon as he received the report of his presence inside the building. Once brought to the offices in via della Moscova, the carabinieri warned Interpol of its occurrence capture. Italian law enforcement therefore believed they had arrested only one drug dealer. But it was not so. The man was in fact wanted because he was accused of raping an American tourist in the Algarve in 2005, as well as investigated for the disappearance and perhaps the crime of Maddie.

Maddie is probably dead

Hans Christian Wolters, Braunschweig’s state attorney, has made it known that “The Braunschweig prosecutor’s office is investigating the 43-year-old German for murder. From this we understand that we believe that the girl is dead. “ The Daily Mail reported that the German, in prison, would have told another prisoner that he knew everything about the disappearance of the girl. The detainee also reportedly told police that he had seen a video where Brueckner raped a woman. The investigations that connected the man to Maddie’s case started at this point. Today he is the suspected number one.

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