“M5s-Venezuela? It will strengthen Conte. Casaleggio dead? Sorry, but it has nothing to do with it” – Libero Quotidiano


On the M5s-Venezuela case, here is the comment by Pietro Senaldi. Guest in connection with The air that pulls on La7, the director of Free a suspect advances and spends himself on an analysis. First of all, he underlines: “What Gian Roberto Casaleggio sorry died but it doesn’t mean anything, too Indro Montanelli he died and yet they smear the statue with him “. A reference to the accusations of Davide Casaleggio, who said the affair was raised to throw mud on his father. So Senaldi adds: “I believe this loose cannon reinforcements Giuseppe Conte and is functional to discredit Casaleggio, at a time when Casaleggio is in a total confrontation with Grillo and is trying with Di Battista to defend the original values ​​of the MoVimento – underlines Senaldi -. Values ​​that instead Beppe Grillo, Luigi Di Maio and vattelapesca have completely sold off, in this transformation of what was an anticasta party in a ruling party, it is not clear whether spare wheel or guide of the Democratic Party, however functional to Conte’s interests “, concludes Senaldi. In short, a time bomb with a specific purpose?

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