M5s, Senator Riccardi passes to the League: she was among the decisive votes in the bargain to save Salvini from the trial on the Open Arms case


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His had been one of the decisive votes in the Senate to save Matteo Salvini from the trial on the case Open arms, today the official announcement of the secretary of the Carroccio: Senator M5s Alessandra Riccardi let the 5 star movement and joins the League. Although, just after the May 26 vote, the MP denied journalists that he had received offers from other political groups, today there was confirmation of what had been one of the first hypotheses put forward. Less than a month ago, the Council for Immunities of Palazzo Madama has spoken out against the authorization to proceed against the senator and now the final grade is awaited the House. Salvini on that occasion had been the decisive dissenting votes of the 5 stars Riccardi and Giarrusso. Riccardi’s is not the only defection of the day: even the M5s MP Alessandra Ermellinojust today, he communicated the move to the Mixed group as a sign of controversy with the group.

If the numbers are not worrying in Montecitorio, at Palazzo Madama the situation becomes even more delicate: here the margin of the Conte 2 government is about 10 votes (majority at 160). 95 are senators M5s, Pd 35, Italia viva 17, Misto-Leu 14, Autonomie 6. To these should be added the 4 senators for life who usually vote with the executive. “I took note of Riccardi’s farewell,” said the team leader Gianluca Perilli. And in front of the small majority he commented: “We passed the difficult test of the last time with two requests for a legal number, the last of which passed the first call, and the group replied compactly. As far as I am concerned with every difficulty, I am one who fights and does not give up … “.

Riccardi’s arrival in the Carroccio was greeted with enthusiasm by Matteo Salvini himself. “Doors open to respectable and capable women and men,” he said. “I am happy and proud that knock on the League from all political sides, from North to South, confirming our growth: we are serious, credible and ready to win the next election. At local and national level “. An entrance which, the League supporter wishes to say, is only one of a series. “Elected with the 5 star Movement, Milanese, born in 1974, lawyer, Senator Riccardi is only the last member of parliament to have chosen the League: before her, they left the 5 stars to embrace the senators Salvini Stefano Lucidi, Ugo Grassi, Francesco Urraro“.

Riccardi for his part said: “I came to this choice after thinking about it for a long time, it was not easy but it had become impossible to carry out ideas and projects for which I had decided to be part of the 5 star Movement”. And, among the reasons that prompted her to change team, the lack of dialogue with the center-right: “My particular unease has grown in recent months and is linked to the fact that that not even a small part has been achieved, parliamentary confrontation also with the opposition for important and even more necessary reforms in a difficult period like this ”. For Riccardi, of course, “another element of contrast with the 5-star group occurred during the vote on the authorization to proceed against Matteo Salvini for the Open Arms case: here too, in my opinion, there was, as in the case of Diciotti, government action in pursuit of migration flows policy. And also on the Gregoretti case, I left the Chamber, not sharing my group’s position in favor of the trial. ”

The deputy Ermellino instead, leaving the 5 stars said: “I am not going away from the M5s, but from the people who took possession of a project betraying the hopes of 11 million citizens. I delivered the letter of resignation from the M5s without leaving any regrets behind. ” And, he accused: “The M5s has become a space devoid of comparison and competence, where respect for the rules and values, which had deluded us that a change was finally possible, have been trampled on by personal aspirations. We still live in a rotten political system that needs great courage and ability to be restored, however I have the distinct feeling that the M5s does not have the strength or the will to really pursue this change “.

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