M5s, possible convergence – Libero Quotidiano


Mayor for seven years, vice-president of the Council, minister of cultural heritage, secretary and founder of the Democratic Party (Pd), writer, director, journalist, he has been out of political life for a few years. Walter Veltroni is the papabile del Pd in ​​the race to the Quirinale. He could be super Walter, the man who brought Hollywood to Rome, reopened museums, created events but also contributed to raising the debt of the Eternal City.

He writes it Dagospia according to which Veltroni has already been working under the track for some years, through his network of contacts and a “cultural-political” activity, together with his right arm, Goffredo Bettini,, dem strategist and coordinator of the Pd secretariat at the time of Veltroni. A name, that of the former mayor, which could beat that of Mario Draghi, who finds the cinquestelle against, provided that Sergio Mattarella, who will be 81 at the end of the seven-year term, don’t say “yes” to the second term.

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