M5s, it is a race to decree its implosion. But Dibba the ‘pasionario’ can help


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In a matter of hours, the spasmodic attention poured on General States, interpreted and described almost unanimously as the catwalk of a Count “on the corner” or “on the ropes” to launch his personal party (at 14% according to the polls), has hijacked with equal vehemence on the alleged antagonist, Alessandro Di Battista, the outsider from the dubious timing promptly put in line by the Guarantor.

So, if on the eve of the interview with Mezzorainpiù the titles range from “bankruptcy states. Conte has set up a fashion show “by Free to the editorial of Print “Italy stops and the Prime Minister’s party”, aftermath in the media reports the terms catastrophic and definitive they are wasted and multiplied hyperbolically to photograph the real or presumed state of the M5S or what would be left of it: brawl, movement in pieces, high voltage, earthquake, open war as well as “earthquake and schism risk” and, why not, also “Game of Thrones in M5S sauce” for the title holders most inclined to the picturesque.

As we know, “the bomb” has exploded in full States General in the close dialogue with Lucia Annunziata: Di Battista summarized elementary truths such as the decisive role of the electoral law conceived to disadvantage and heavily condition the M5S, the good things brought home with the yellow-green government including the Basic income; he reiterated the stakes he had placed in the name of discontinuity and legality on Descalzi reconfirmed at Eni for lack of strong alternative names, the ever-present need for a “true law on conflict of interest” especially as it is clear to everyone in Italy editorial concentrations proliferate and expand while pure publishers have the notion also forgotten; and on the front of penetrating legislation anti-corruption he recalled that today the widespread practice of the consultations and conferences of former high offices of the state still in Parliament should be taken into account.

TO Giuseppe Conteinstead, to whom – according to analyzes and reconstructions – Di Battista hungry for power after 3 years of self-exclusion would like to parade the armchair by any means, he recognized that he had managed the emergency well coronavirus. And there has been no polemical intent either towards the government ally, let alone the premier whose relevant he cannot have escaped electoral consent which, according to the polls, could convey on the M5S if he drove it in the next round of elections: second Ipsos, the M5S could also return to being the first party settling between 20% and 30%.

The explosive element was Di Battista’s explicit reference to a congress or a constituent assembly in which to count to “see who wins” among the varied souls of the Movement. So Beppe Grillo intervened immediately and to armor Conte and the government: for the founder and guarantor the one outlined by Di Battista would be a return to the past, already passed in its time with “the directory” and in contrast with the secretariat composed of the majority proposed by Di Maio, Taverna, Fico to overcome the single political leader of which Grillo no longer wants to hear.

The Movement, it is useless to deny it, has been looking for a long time for an identity and programmatic redefinition that simultaneously takes into account the fundamental values ​​that cannot be renounced and awareness the inevitable change to which he was forced by the government burden. Without forgetting, for intellectual honesty, not even the arduous and politically painless transition from Count 1 to Count 2.

From the tenor of Di Battista’s answer to Grillo after being accused of “Marmottismo” that is, of immobility, we obtain the declared will to want to “strengthen the movement”, to have never remotely thought of a split and therefore to be available to be part of the collegial secretariat without viable alternatives proposed by the Guarantor. And therefore with cautious optimism it can be hoped that Di Battista will help to bring back to the center of the political vision of the M5S the values ​​of legality is environmentalism for which he has always worked.

With the personal hope that in the near future the “pasionarious” Dibba and the Movement as a whole, also in order to be consistent with the centrality they attribute to these values ​​- to which I would softly add civil and democratic rights – can strongly “reduce” the immoderate sympathy hitherto reserved for less than exalting models such as Russia and China. They would gain in credibility and authority. But on this it will be appropriate to return.

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