M5s-funds Venezuela, Grillo sees “the shadow of big brother on the Spanish scoop”



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    </span><p><span class="image__credit">Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images</span></p></div><div><p>And after a few days of reflection on the alleged funding that M5s received from Venezuela, the founder also speaks: "The shadow of the big brother on the Spanish scoop. What is the purpose of bringing out a fake news, specially constructed, while the Italian government is engaged in a difficult phase of exit from a frightening crisis? ". This is what Beppe Grillo asks, commenting on Twitter, the article in the Spanish newspaper 'ABC' on alleged Venezuelan funding for the 5-star movement. The founder of the M5s attaches the link to an article in which the former diplomat Torquato Cardilli claims that "the fact that Italy has maintained more or less intense relations with China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia can give rise to the suspicion that the poisoned meatball against the majority force in the Italian government and Parliament was cooked right overseas, when our country is in a position of extreme weakness due to the disastrous effects of the coronavirus on the economy and social holding " .<br/>"It can be assumed that the Spanish right-wing circles, through the ABC newspaper - added Cardilli -, who in the past had made similar accusations first to the Gonzales government and then to the leader of the Podemos party, intended to do a favor to the Italian right just to counterbalance the damage to the image due to the scandal of the Metropol affair in Moscow, which involved the leader of the Salvini League and his maintainer Savoini, an event that also has all the flavor of a thing mounted ad hoc by another secret service ".</p></div><script>(function (d, s, id) {
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