M5s, Councilor Marco Cacciatore resigns in Lazio: “The split in Rome is already underway”. From the waste front to the bad moods for a Raggi-bis


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“By now I have decided: I’m leaving. We used to vote by majority … now we don’t vote anymore. There split in M5s From Rome? It is already in place“. Within a few hours, Marco Cacciatore will communicate his resignation from the group of the M5s in Lazio region. Choose Ilfattoquotidiano.it to announce it, after years of militancy, while the pec addressed to the office of the President of the Chamber is already ready. But it is that word, “split”, to be evoked for the first time, albeit in the Capital we have been talking about it silently for weeks now. At least from May 16, the date of the interview given to Daily fact by the national regent Vito Crimi, which hypothesized the reduction of the two mandates for the mayors Virginia Raggi is Chiara Appendino. Since that day, everything has happened in the city. On the one hand, the turmoil of the base, with the self-candidacy of the President of Municipio VII Tuscolano, Monica Lozzi, to the primary towns (so far not covered) and the unanimous distrust of the rayed minisindaca of IV Tiburtino, Roberta Della Casa. On the other, national endorsements – from Luigi Di Maio to Alessandro Di Battista – to the first town, which seems to have started the election campaign while not formally dissolving the reserve.

The landfill is the “rays-gypsy chord” – The only one that appeared contrary to the idea of ​​a Raggi-bis was precisely Roberta Lombardi, group leader in Lazio and leader of the so-called “Orthodox“(But among the supporters of the alliance M5s-Pd to the government). In reality, according to Cacciatore – until yesterday an “iron Lombard” – even the former deputy seems to have “adapted”. “I was left alone with my battle to make Rome become self-sufficient on the front of the trash and do not continue to weigh on the province – explains the councilor – I presented some amendments to the waste plan proposed by Nicola Zingaretti, but I was asked to withdraw them because, I quote verbatim, ‘next year there are elections in Rome ‘. So to justify the Zingaretti-Raggi agreement on the landfill and on the territorial areas, developed by the lieutenants Massimiliano Valeriani is Giuliano Pacetti, we are going against our electoral program. ” He adds: “I was also told that I was favoring the center but they don’t realize that I split the majority, putting the councilors of the province, and not only, against Zingaretti. Or maybe that’s the problem? ”

“The split is underway”, but Raggi (still) does not risk – The exit of Cacciatore is likely to become deflagrating for the M5s in Rome. Not that it is the first piece lost by the pentastellate capitoline, quite the opposite. But it’s thereeffect domino that worries. “I look with interest at Monica Lozzi – says Cacciatore – who places a democratic problem indoor. Then there are the 15 directors of the Municipality IV escaped and many disgruntled around the territories. If there is a danger of a split on Rome? That split is already in place, just look around. ” The leaders of the M5s would also reconfirm the mayor of Marino, Carlo Colizza, very close to Cacciatore. But he makes some distinctions: “Colizza has earned the unanimous esteem of the city by bringing the differentiated from 25 to 71%. Virginia Raggi what he did in 4 years? Did you put four flowerbeds on Colombo? ”. Does the exit of Cacciatore threaten to weigh on the estate of the majority Raggi on the Capitol? His partner is Simona Ficcardi, capitoline and great councilor opponent of of the landfill project. Should she go away too, the troops of the M5s in the Julius Caesar room, consisting of 26 directors against the 24 needed to ensure the progress of the work, as explained in recent days by the ‘ray’ Roberto Di Palma, in a long post on Facebook. “But Simona is committed to complete the mandate in the M5s, unless other major upheavals “, assures Cacciatore.

“Lozzi candidate in the center left? Why not, but we also look to the national team “- Precisely because of its battle over waste, the now ex-Lombard had already been suspended for 30 days from the probiviri. Its “fault”, having presented a exposed in Prosecution in the center, the Raggi resolution of 31 December, on the new Rome landfill in Malagrotta 2, bringing the Capitoline magistrates to open investigation. “We have given up on ours battle horses – says Cacciatore – from Stadium of Rome up to Tav, Tap and all the rest. Okay there metamorphosis invoked by Di Maio, also desirable, but this is too much ”. And in the event of a Roman split, what would the “rebels” do? Where would they converge? The city rumors indicate the possibility that Monica Lozzi runs at center-left primaries. And the almost former pentastellato councilor “blesses” this possibility: “We must look carefully at the civic projects that turn to the left, to determine even national scenarios and avoid therise of the right. I have always dealt with figures who can make a choice in this sense and who still find themselves inside the M5s. Di Battista? No, now I no longer consider it a expendable name. ”

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