M5S, Beppe Grillo and the eternal return (after a thousand steps to the side)


I want a life like Beppe Grillo, of those you never decide. It would be nice, to get 71 years old and still have every dilemma intact, I come back or not, I do the old wise Cincinnato version or the spoiler, I take back the Movement or I abandon it definitively. While waiting, I cover each of these roles, on alternate days, it depends on which foot I get off the bed in the morning, or on the weather forecast, even on this there is no certainty. Always and in any case as it seems to me, and patience if by now the Movement which he created, incidentally, represents a third of the voters in the latest policies, lives in an eternal present, waiting for his eternal return, his.

As if we had never moved from the office on the second floor of via Morrone, home of the Specter, otherwise known as Casaleggio & Associates. It was the summer of 2014, M5S had taken a solemn beating at the European Championships, the usual big event was at sight to pretend to define who we are, where we go, what we want. Standing in the center of the room, the former comedian had been complaining for a good half hour, he was angry with the whole world. Davide, formerly Casaleggio junior, he lost his patience, not the first time nor the last, since the relationship between the two now tends to zero, and he pointed to the desk in front of his. “Beppe, the computer is on, if you don’t agree with what we’re doing here, sit down and write, do something instead of just talking.”

We always fall for it, perhaps for a conditioned reflection that dates back to the Tsunami Tour, that solo ride in the squares of Italy which earned the M5S 25% to the Policies of 2013, and that to date, keeping silent for the sake of homeland of the contents of those rallies, it remains the only noteworthy undertaking of the Grillo political leader. Every time that from his blog he drips a statement with some minimal grip on reality, something that rarely happens, the political world and even the journalistic world rushes to wonder what is behind it, what is the hidden objective of those sentences. When, on the other hand, there is only one to ask what is Beppe Grillo speaking about, a private citizen who does not play any role, inside and outside the M5S, to which the Non-Statute (precisely) of the Movement assigns a role as guarantor. But that does not even own the well-known symbol with 5 stars, a detail that could have its importance in October, when the split winds will become stormy. Even the latest issue on the nationalization of Telecom is the respectable opinion of a nostalgic PCI, who, to quote Giorgio Gaber, every opportunity should be good to do it, “he was a communist because he wanted to nationalize everything”.

For the record, it should be noted that the song went on with a “someone was a communist because he did not know state, parastatal and related employees”.The ex-comedian is this thing here, his ideas are now known. The problem is that someone is listening to him.The problem is that Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister, makes it known that he often talks with him to draw the destinies of the country. And so the Vespa drama on stage at the Cinque Stelle, which was once cinema by consensus and now it is theater, becomes a public matter, not even easy to interpret. Beppe is a Hamlet that goes zigzag, prisoner of his existential doubt which unfortunately reflects on the political debate. Also because between being and not being, he doesn’t like either. If he limits himself to being just a voice, he suffers from seeing what he calls “disruptive forces” raging against his plan to turn into the left leg of a stable alliance with the Democratic Party. If he returns to be a guide taking the responsibilities that follow, within a quarter of an hour he goes crazy, as has already happened.

It has been swinging for three years. At least in this, it shows some consistency. On September 2017, Five Star Italy on the dirt road of the Rimini Fair, he retired from the scene, assigning himself the license of “thinker who goes to doubt, not like you journalists who instead go to the office every morning”. Since then, he has said everything and the opposite of everything. He blessed the covenant with Matteo Salvini, who in a show of July 2018 defined “one who does things, not like those others of the Democratic Party”, and then he denied it, saying never again, but who knows if poi is true. He gave the green light to Luigi Di Maio’s full powers, and then every time he did something that didn’t suit him, here is the chopstick via blog. He covered Alessandro Di Battista with all possible praise, calling him his “not only spiritual” heir, and put him in the sedan as soon as the aforementioned heir dared to think with his own head, however questionable the results of that intellectual effort. Never once has he acted, taking his responsibilities. Happy birthday to President Conte, with such interlocutors. However it goes, the sufferings are guaranteed, not only for Grillo. As for him, and his Movement, everyone knows that it is a matter of time. Keep going, and then they will find themselves like the stars, five in the specific case, drinking whiskey at the Roxy bar.

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