Lyssavirus, cat dead in Arezzo: infection is feared in bats


ROME – The lyssavirus continues to scare in Tuscany. A screening on bats ad Arezzo will start in the next few hours when the researchers of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venice will perform a capture-capture of live mammals present in a colony in the city. This was announced this morning on mayor Alexander Ghinelli during the session of the City Council also informing about the transfer to suitable structures of the other animals of the family that owns the cat affected by Lyssavirus and then died. It is a dog transferred to the Municipal Kennel and placed in solitary confinement and one cat that fifteen days ago gave birth to some kittens, welcomed by Gattile di Florence equipped with ad hoc measures provided in these cases. In Arezzo, the mayor also forbidden to take dogs outside without a leash.

“The technicians of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Venice – explained the mayor – they will carry out an inspection in an area of ​​the city where there is a colony of bats and tomorrow a sampling-capture of live bats will be carried out, to check whether this type of virus is to be considered an endemic fact or not. Without false alarms, I say that the situation is of great attention“A meeting is scheduled for the day between the first citizen of Arezzo, the technicians of the environment service of the Municipality and the director of the veterinary service of the Asl to consider monitoring feline colonies.

Lyssavirus, what is the extremely dangerous virus: symptoms, transmission, mortality

But what is Lyssavirus? How dangerous is it really? The virus belongs to the family of viruses from which the Anger – the family Rhabdoviridae – but it is different and extremely rare, having been identified only once in the world in bats. It is transmitted through saliva of infected mammals and causes fever, agitation, salivation, hydrophobia: viral encephalitis which can also lead to cardiac arrest, coma and death. Deadly, like anger, but less known and hopefully less widespread.

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