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Luca Palamara’s statements on the current system in the CSM do not “uncover” Pandora’s box, which has already been largely emptied, but has certainly thrown petrol on an already fiery theme. The former member of Palazzo dei Marescialli speaks of “careerism” within which “our current system penalizes those who do not belong to the currents”. And then sinks the blade on the group of former colleagues: “The togate currents of the CSM have the preponderant weight, politics from the outside, so I do not speak to the secular current of the CSM, it has little hope of success without convergence within the CSM I want to dispel the idea that the politician from the outside is capable of affecting the attorney on duty. ” In short, what describes the Roman prosecutor, now suspended, for the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia, seems to be a sect in which the armchairs of the Prosecutors are divided, according to the influence of one or the other current.

Matteo Salvini is not there. Although the ex-CSM councilor made public apologies to the leader of the League, the Captain goes on the attack: “From Palamara surreal statements arrive. I and the Italians don’t care about late apologies or words, they are interested in the facts: promoted magistrates for political affiliation (almost always on the left) and not for skill, infinite processes, innocent in jail and guilty outside: a true reform of Justice is urgently needed, but to do it requires a government and a minister capable of doing it “.

Giorgia Meloni also supports the ally, branding the interview with La7 as “very serious”. And then he returns to the position: “Today more than ever we continue to ask that the word end to the cancer of the currents be put in the judiciary and the division of power, that the composition criteria of the CSM are reformed and that all the magistrates involved in the resign scandal”.

Outside politics, the voice of the Constitutionalist Valerio Onida rises: “Politicians should remain strictly extraneous to the choices made by the CSM, especially when it comes to a politician who is himself a magistrate, perhaps a leading exponent of a current, placed out of role because he took on a political role, as a member of parliament or as a member of the government “.

The controversy is mounting and after the invitation of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to do soon and well on the reform of the CSM, the text, signed by the Guardasigilli Alfonso Bonafede, is expected to arrive this week in the Council of Ministers. Meanwhile, several drafts are circulating, the latest being the one that would give even more power to the Superior Council of the judiciary, the self-governing body of judges invested precisely by the scandal that revolves around Palamara. Supervisory and control power over the functioning of the offices representing the public prosecution on the territory and on the instruments that effectively guarantee the control of the investigations. Nothing, however, about the separation of careers. Instead, the text talks about the new electoral mechanism of the CSM, in which the division between the two categories disappears – the prosecutors elected the prosecutors, the judges elected the judges – and we only speak of ‘magistrates’. Finally, the CSM increases its members, which go from twenty-four to thirty, with a clause concerning the laity: Parliament will no longer be able to elect anyone who has been or has been in the five previous years deputy, senator, regional councilor, mayor. A text that makes you discuss and on which sources of via Arenula throw water on the fire: “It is being defined”.

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