Luca Palamara expelled from the ANM: “Serious and repeated violations of the code of ethics”. And he sends out warnings: “They also had rights to ask for my expulsion. They removed dinners with politicians”


Luca Palamara he committed serious and repeated violations of the code of ethics. For this reason the National Association of Magistrates has decreed the expulsion of the prosecutor at the center of the investigation which embarrasses the world of robes. It is the first time that such a drastic measure has been taken against a former ANM president: Palamara, in fact, led the togas union between 2008 and 2012.

The expulsion – Today, on the day his colleagues decided to expel him, the magistrate investigated in Perugia would have liked to have given a speech full of allusions, warnings, claims. And also some admissions of guilt. The ANM, however, rejected the request for a hearing unanimously. “I was denied the right to speak and to defend, not even in the Inquisition,” comments the Rome prosecutor. The Central Steering Committee, in fact, considered that this hearing could not be carried out because it is not foreseen by the statute. The Palamara audition could only take place in front of the college of probivirs, before which the magistrate had been summoned without appearing.

The allusions – Instead, he would have liked to speak before the central committee. For this he had prepared a four-page speech full of allusions which almost take on the tone of threats. “Everyone – writes Palamara – had something to ask, everyone believed they were boast more rights than otherseven those who today robes are torn, for example, I think of some members of the Board of Arbitrators who today ask for my expulsion, or to those who still hold top positions within the group of Unity for the Constitution, or even some of those who still sit in the current Central Steering Committee and who perhaps too hastily have removed the memory of their dinners or meetings with i justice parties of political parties of reference. It would be nice if they told these stories. I don’t have to be the one to do it. I always listened to everyone ”.

“I didn’t act alone” – A real mass accused of his own accusers. Palamara, in fact, recognizes that it has “was part of the currents system, that system that now condemns me, often insults me, because rightly or rightly it identifies me the only person responsible for everything. I – says the former president of the ANM – will not escape from political responsibilities of my work for accepting increasingly questionable rules of the game. But it must be clear that I have never acted alone. Would be too easy to think this“. In short, the magistrate at the center of the investigation that embarrasses the whole world of togas claims a fundamental step: he is not only the architect of the degeneration represented by the current system. “At the beginning – says the prosecutor – I was animated by the sacred fire of change, because obviously I also realized that it was a hellish mechanism, from which though I let myself be swallowed. But this not out of thirst for power”, But in a logic – which today I recognize, however, erroneous – according to which the strengthening of my position and that of my group, could have ensured opportunities for advancement by worthy colleagues. But the end, now I can’t not admit it, never justifies the means “.

Responsibility is not mine alone “- In his speech Palamara claims: “The nominations of judicial leaders are the result of exhausting political agreements. Sometimes they lead to designation of worthy people and deserving to fill the places for which they applied. In the council I took part in, over a thousand new managers were appointed. And among them – at the head of the Public Prosecutors’ Office Milan, Naples, Palermo (just to name a few) – highly valued magistrates like Francesco Greco, Giovanni Melillo, Franco Lo Voi“. Then, however, Palamara ammentte that “some cases the appointments followed only logic of power, in which the merit is sacrificed on the altar of belonging. Of the virtuous results of that board experience I do not have the presumption of telling myself the author, but only a witness. Of the others who have not responded to this logic, however, I feel the weight of responsibility. But that’s not mine alone “.

The accusations – At the center of the investigation that embarrasses the world of the judiciary, Palamara was suspended as a precautionary measure from functions is salary from disciplinary section of Palace of the Marshals. The dispute against the former prosecutor in Rome concerns the episode of the meeting in a Roman hotel with the directors of the CSM, who then resigned, Luigi Spina, Corrado Cartoni, Gianluigi Morlini, Paolo Criscuoli and Antonio Lepre, and the deputies of the Pd Luca Lotti is Cosimo Ferri (then moved to Italy alive), to discuss appointments to the top of the main Italian prosecutors, first of all that of Rome. At that time Lotti was under investigation by the Capitoline prosecutor for the Consip investigation. Immediately all the magistrates involved were referred to the probivirs, and the request for expulsion was made for everyone, but most of them have since resigned from the ANM. Non Palamara: who is now the first former ANM president to be expelled. “On wait current account deterioration e on events that concerned me allhotel Champagne I have to be able stick up for in competent disciplinary office and explain when it will be the momentor a tutthe judges give you my reasons and the mood that accompanied me in those days. I can’t do it today because for defend ritengor dthe having utilizzaris tll the sools procedural ch the ordering puts to my disposition. I will not escape from my responsibilities up these facts: orggi I can say that I have underestimated my frequentazioni of that period because the idea prevailed in me of dodge any danger and to to be an incorruptible “, is how Palamara comments the story of the night meetings in his speech, never pronounced in front of the ANM.

The reform of the CSM – The central steering committee also has the reform of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. Many of our proposals have been included in the drafts that circulated the reform “, but” we must be careful that this is not an opportunity to an attack on the independence of the judiciary“Said the secretary of the ANM Giuliano Caputo. A concept that the president insisted on Luca Poniz: “We hope not to remember the principle of autonomy that the CSM is called to protect and which has a link with democracy”.

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