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Luca De Meo’s first conference


Luca De Meo will assume the role of CEO of Renault next July 1st, but in the meantime he has already had the opportunity to explain the reasons that led him to leave the Seat to land in a company struggling with a particularly delicate situation. “For 30 years I have worked in the automotive sector and have been fortunate to observe and learn the different cultures that make up the wealth of this sector,” said the top manager at the RĂ©gie shareholders’ meeting. “A constant, however, characterizes my career: I like to go where there are challenges to face, where a brand has to be rebuilt or a financial situation is to be put back in place”. In this case it is a reunion, given that De Meo started his career in the car world with Renault almost 30 years ago.

The challenge. The board of the French company is convinced that De Meo have the right qualities for the relaunch of a manufacturer today in dire straits, and the Italian manager seems fully aware of it: “I’ll be back where I covered my first job and I realized my childhood dream of working in the automotive sector and starting an international career”, said De Meo. “I’ll be back for a challenge, straighten one of the largest and most prestigious car manufacturers. It’s certainly a huge challenge, but I know we can get out of it head-on. I am aware of the difficulties, further accentuated by an adverse and unprecedented economic context, but I’m ready to face this challenge with serenity “. The manager underlined the experience in Seat: the Martorell house, in fact, was a source of losses for the Volkswagen group for years, until, in 2015, it was entrusted to De Meo’s care. Since then, the Spaniards have not only returned to profit, but have also updated their sales records.

Trust and optimism. In the past few days, De Meo has met with executives and visited several plants, claiming to have been “impressed by the expertise of the people of Renault”. Now, however, we need to reverse the course in the shortest possible time, above all because “the feeling of urgency is shared at all levels”. De Meo then promised the shareholders “one of the most surprising turnarounds” and said he was “optimistic and confident”, ready to put himself “at the service of a group I love”. The manager also expressed his satisfaction with some of the models currently under development, without however providing specific information. After all, after the presentation of a Strategic Plan “tears and blood”, it will be up to him to define and illustrate the long-awaited product plan that will describe Renault’s commercial and production future. Finally, perhaps the most arduous task: to relaunch the Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi.

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