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Google Stadia got the first price cut official, with the Premiere Edition which goes from the initial 129 euros to the current ones 99 euros, along with the addition of The Elder Scrolls Online among the free games intended for subscribers to the service.

The Premiere Edition is the first edition of Stadia with everything you need to play immediately and presumably in the best way: it contains one Stadia Controller is a Chromecast Ultra to be connected to the TV. The price is very interesting especially if you consider that a Chromecast Ultra alone costs 79 euros as the official price and in any case starting from 65-70 euros also looking on other stores.

However, the price cut is not painless: it has indeed been since the initial package removed the quarterly code for the subscription to Google Stadia Pro and also the Buddy Pass that allowed you to transfer a promotional code to a friend to try the service for free for three months.

We do not know exactly if Google’s maneuver is dictated by the desire to make a change in numbers that may not be exciting, since we do not yet have precise information on the number of subscribers to Stadia there are currently.

In the meantime, however, the packet is still expanding free games for subscribers, which now also includes The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition, which can be redeemed until July 16, 2020 (remaining available beyond that date for those who redeemed it and keep the subscription active).

The free games of July were announced a few days ago, in addition to total Android compatibility.

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