Lotito-Setti meeting at Villa San Sebastiano. On the menu is Kumbulla. And the counterparts


Today’s meeting between Claudio Lotito and Maurizio Setti at Villa San Sebastiano served to lighten the ideas for Marash Kumbulla, Hellas Verona defender sought by all the great clubs. In January Napoli wanted to close early, but the player’s idea was to wait for any proposals in the summer. The Coronavirus epic did not affect its market value, indeed, if possible it has grown even more from 25 million to over 30. If Inter had already made a proposal from 18 million plus Salcedo, eleven days ago the Lazio had tried to exploit the good relations with the entourage, trying to anticipate the competition. Maybe he even made it.

It will also depend, possibly, on the counterparts chosen from among five, with Valon Berisha and Fabio Maistro interesting profiles, especially if Lazio will keep the redemption. The contractual conditions are the same as those proposed by Inter, five years for 1.5 million euros plus prizes. And to replace it? The Cetin idea is from last January but there seems to be a possibility to revive contacts with Rome to further shore up the rear.


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