“Looted and destroyed restaurant”, rampant vandalism in the USA – Libero Quotidiano


The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis generated a very strong reaction in the United States, with millions of citizens who flocked to the streets to protest racism. Many, however, the episodes of real vandalism that occurred over the weekend, also characterized by unprecedented violence. That did not spare even the restaurant in Los Angeles from Joe Bastianich, also famous in Italy as an entrepreneur and TV personality. “They came in and destroyed everything: they stole the wine and the proceeds – is the testimony of Bastianich – they broke the glass with blows and threw petrol to burn the interior. A real disaster”. An act that the well-known entrepreneur strongly condemns, although he is not against the demonstrations born after the death of George Floyd: “Everyone has the right to protest, I am sorry that a minority of people exploit this moment to their advantage to go to split or steal “.

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