Lombardy virus, infections (194) and deaths (32) increase. Less tampons, Brescia emergency


Lombardy, the bulletin of June 8 on the coronavirus: deaths and infections are increasing. 194 new people were infected, while yesterday the increase had been 125 cases, equal to 69.2% of today’s increase in Italy.
The number of deaths is also growing: on the last day there were 32, while yesterday they were 21.

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There are currently 19,319 positives in Lombardy (-101). There are 2,708 hospitalized, -93 compared to yesterday.

With 194 positive cases out of 4488 swabs carried out, the ratio between controlled cases and infections is 4.3% in Lombardy, as reported by the Region. In Lombardy yesterday 32 other people died for Covid, for a total of 16,302 victims. The cumulative total of positives found in the region since the start of the pandemic to date amounts to 90,389. Yesterday 263 patients were considered cured or discharged, while there are 107 in intensive care, without variation compared to the day before. Non-ICU admissions fell by 93, in total 2,708.

The Brescia case. In the province of Brescia, 63 new infections have been registered today, è the highest figure in the whole Lombardy Region. Then came the Province of Bergamo (51) and that of Milan, which recorded 29 cases (of which 15 in Milan city). The Province of Milan remains clearly first in the ranking of contagions in Lombardy with 23,437, followed by Brescia (15,070) and Bergamo (13,609).

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