Lombardia, Gallera: “I am in the balance? I have no reason to think so. Attacks by those who make political looting against us”


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Although the rumors of a possible reshuffle of the junta have become increasingly insistent in recent days Lombardy region with its own chair in the center, the Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera he says he does not feel hovering and goes on his way, announcing a plan to strengthen Lombard health care, overwhelmed by the impact of the coronavirus emergency. “I compare myself daily with Fontana and many directors, a couple of weeks ago the majority rejected in a classroom a request from me resignation, formal acts are those and therefore fbecause there is trust I go on“, Says the commissioner in an interview with the newspaper The newspaper. “I have no reason today to believe the opposite and – he underlines – I fully carry out my task, with great physical effort but with absolute determination”.

Not even the demonstration scheduled for June 2 in Milan to ask for the resignation of the junta seems to worry Gallera: “We immediately a violent political attack by those who, having never managed to win with the votes, tried to deform reality, an action of heavy political looting. I tell some people that we have to be careful because between articles in the newspapers and scornful statements by some politicians we have come to the words “killer” on the walls, Fontana being escorted. It seems to me that the situation is getting out of hand. ” He too suffered threats. “Articles, attacks on social media, emails in which people gave me the murderer and more, I reported everything to Digos. I never thought I’d be in such situations, “he adds.

In any case, the goal now, explains Gallera, is “prepare for a possible second wave“. The Region has already prepared a plan: “By Wednesday we will present a plan to increase to the Government intensive care, from 861 to 1,466 beds, plus another 352 immediately open in intensive and 352 subintensive. Inside there will also be hospitals built at the Fiera di Milano and Bergamo “. And on this point, he points out: “It is curious that the only ones considered useless are the Lombard ones”, concluding that “there are similar structures in the Marche, Campania or Germany, hospitals today empty but ready for any eventuality. Only the others, however, are foresight today. ”

Woe to say, therefore, that armchairs are jumping to the top of the regional health, such as that of the director general Luigi Cajazzo, which after managing the Covid-19 emergency was replaced by Marco Trivelli, current director of the Spedali Civili di Brescia: “Absolutely not, let’s strengthen the team. Trivelli he is the right person for this new phase, Cajazzo will deal in particular with relations with the Ministry of Health. We faced a tsunami and our men did an excellent job without an instruction booklet and with the science that said and said everything and the opposite of everything. ”

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