Lockhart exists, a second new generation Xbox on the launch pad


has announced the arrival of two versions of the
Playstation 5
, identical from a performance point of view but different for
as regards the presence or absence of the optical reader. Microsoft has so far
only Xbox Series X unveiled, but the presentation of a
second model, less expensive and powerful, identified by the code name “Lockhart”.
Not just a mere reflection of some fan,
Lockhart really exists. To confirm this, some documents from the developer kit of
Xbox and independent audits of
The Verge. The June release notes for the Xbox
Development Kits refer to a “Scarlett dev kit” that includes
different modes called “default, AnacondaProfiling and LockhartProfiling”
as test options.

Project Scarlett the name of the new Xbox project,
Anaconda stands instead for the codename of the Xbox Series X (so much so that the figure
of the animal on the console motherboard), while Lockhart leaves
intend the arrival of a second and unpublished new generation Xbox. There
Lockhart mode, as learned from The Verge, reduces performance
of the development kit to the level that Microsoft aims to ensure with the new

“We learned that includes 7.5 GB of usable RAM,
a CPU operating at slightly lower frequency and equal graphics performance
about 4 teraflops
. The standard Xbox Series X includes 13.5 GB of usable RAM and
aims to offer 12 teraflops GPU performance, “writes The Verge (edit: later pointing out that perhaps the lower clock is tied to the GPU alone).
references to Lockhart have been traced in the Xbox operating system
One, together with Anaconda and Dante – the name of the developer kit.
At the moment it is not clear what will be called Lockhart (Xbox
Series S
?), when it will be revealed (it is said to debut with Xbox Series X, then
let’s expect news in summer) and the rest of the most important details.
According to The Verge, the console would aim to secure adequate performance in
1080p or 1440p, compared to Xbox Series X which points to 4K @ 60 fps.

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