LIVE TMW – Serie A, new calendar made official: we start from the recoveries of the 25th round



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Here we are: football starts again. After long weeks of stop for the pandemic, despite the empty stadiums and the health protocols to be strictly respected, the Italian ball and not only resumes. Italian Cup, Serie A and an eye always to the general situation. Here all the updates in real time in the live of Tuttomercatoweb.

22.02 – Calcagno: “We all hope that the quarantine can be reduced” – Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the Italian Football Association, spoke to TMW Radio’s microphones about the team quarantine that risks paralyzing Serie A: “Gravina himself awaits results from the Technical-Scientific Committee: it is a wish, and we have it especially as a country system, it would mean that the curve continues to improve. This is why I criticized the Lega Pro: it started defensively, giving up too early to end the championships, without giving itself any chance as we are doing for Serie A and for the B. Today, with playoff and playout methods, the Lega Pro risks unloading on the teams a really badly managed situation “.

21.11 – Mancini: “At the beginning there will be surprise results” – During his speech in the live video on, the national technical commissioner Roberto Mancini he talked about the championship: I think that at the beginning there will be a bit of difficulty for everyone because many players will not be in top condition. The hope is to see that the players get in shape with the passing of the games. The rhythm will not be as usual at the beginning, then it will also be a little warmer. There will be some problems, however, I hope to see good football. There will be surprising results because it is one thing to play with the public that sometimes drags you and without anyone “.


7.15 pm – Here is the new calendar to complete Serie A! It starts from Turin-Parma – The Serie A League has made official the new calendar to complete the Serie A 2019/20. It starts from the recoveries of the 25th turn. Here is the schedule.
Saturday 20 June
19.30 – Turin-Parma (Sky)
9:45 pm – Hellas Verona-Cagliari (DAZN)
Sunday 21 June
19.30 – Atalanta-Sassuolo (Sky)
9:45 pm – Inter-Sampdoria (Sky)

18.31 – Cairo has clear ideas: “The algorithm is the antithesis of football” Urban Cairo, president of the turin, to the microphones of ‘’ he expressed himself quite clearly on the possibility of determining the ranking with an algorithm in case of a new championship stop. “Sport is beautiful because it is unpredictable, like Milan that wins 3 to 0 with Liverpool and in a few minutes loses the game. Or Juve that loses the Scudetto with Perugia, Inter that loses it in 2002 at the rush final. These emotions cannot restore an algorithm. It is very dangerous to talk about algorithms today, it would be to apply a mathematical measure that does not exist in football “.

18.07 – Today’s numbers of the Civil Protection – The Civil Protection has released the data relating to the last 24 hours. 31,394 swabs were made and 178 new COVID-19 positives identified. The currently positive are 41,367, 708 less than yesterday. Compared to yesterday, 60 people with coronavirus have died for a total of 33,475 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Read all the issues here today.

17.29 – Back of the League: calendar already today – Back of the Serie A League, who after letting us know that the calendar would be postponed to Wednesday took a step back and announced that it is expected already for tonight.

16.49 – Announcement of the new calendar on Wednesday – Slip the drafting of the final calendar to complete the 2019/20 season. The Serie A League, reports ‘Sportmediaset’, will not make the calendar of the Italian and Serie A Cup official before the government and FIGC go ahead early June 12 (the current Prime Minister’s Decree provides for the return on the field no earlier than the 14th). A sign of respect for institutions that comes from the building in via Rosellini but which should not change the calendar drawn up in the last few hours.
It will start from the Italian Cup and then from the recoveries of the 25th round, which should be distributed in this way.
Turin-Parma (Saturday 20 June at 19.30)
Hellas Verona-Cagliari (Saturday 20 June at 9:45 pm)
Atalanta-Sassuolo (Sunday 21 June at 7.15 pm)
Inter-Sampdoria (Sunday 21 June at 9:45 pm).

14.55 – Gravina speaks: “Soon new proposal for quarantine” – Gabriele Gravina gave an interview to the microphones of ‘Radio 24’. The number one of the FIGC spoke about the much discussed norm imposed by the CTS on the mandatory quarantine of the whole team in the event of a positive membership card or staff member: “Football has never asked for shortcuts or discounts. Today there are clear rules, which allow you to continue the activity, isolating an athlete or a staff professional, continuing your training. We know that this rule is foreseen, the hope is that shortly, a week before the start of the tournaments, therefore of the Italian Cup, can be re-evaluated: we will send a new proposal, in the hope that this rule will be revisited. Today, theoretically, but probably also in practice, it creates great anxiety and concern “. Click here for the full interview.

14.11 – FIGC, here is the protocol for the competitions – The FIGC published a few minutes ago the protocol for the resumption of professional matches: through its official website, the football federation has made known the document (available in full version at this link) “General indications for the planning, organization and management of the competitions of professional football in ‘behind closed doors’ mode, aimed at containing the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 “.

The document mainly has the objective of defining organic and homogeneous guidelines that allow the planning, organization and management of the professional championship competition dispute in closed-door mode for the containment of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19; identify risk mitigation actions for the safety of players, staff, referees and experts; indicate the categories of subjects admitted to the organization of competitions in closed mode; structure a homogeneous configuration of the stadiums and access routes to the areas of activity; organize and optimize the procedures for setting up and managing the television production of the tenders; encourage the coordination of activities for the structures in charge of organization and safety management. To find out in practice how the protocol will work, here you will find a dedicated TMW study.

12.07 – The latest on the B As reported by the press office of Lega B through official note, “the Ordinary Assembly of the National League of Professionals Serie B, left open on May 15, will resume its work on Wednesday June 3 at 12 noon after the morning will meet on In addition to the president’s communications and the general manager’s information at the center of the meeting, issues related to the Covid emergency 19 “.

11.37 – Cup reversed races? Will the semi-finals of the Italian Cup scheduled for 12 and 13 June be reversed? It is one of the hypotheses under consideration launched by Libero who speaks at length about the calendar of A that will be presented today, with 10 games at 5.15 pm, 50 at 7.15 pm and 64 at 9.30 pm. 124 league games but for the Cup the dates could be reversed and therefore we could start again with Napoli-Inter and then the one between Juventus and Milan.

10.43 – No Scudetto with the algorithm The algorithm is already on the dock. Because it could also give heavy results and results on the economic side for clubs. Just think of Milan that at the moment would be ninth, and not seventh, and outside Europe: meanwhile, it would lose 2 million difference prizes plus those for the Europa League. The algorithm, however, specifies the newspaper, will not decide the Scudetto: “if the play-offs cannot be played, the title will not be assigned”.

09.55 – Milan without Europe with the algorithm Juventus first with 92.07 points, according to the algorithm identified by Republic (but title not assigned), then Lazio, Inter and Atalanta in the Champions League. Roma and Napoli would go to the Europa League, fifth and sixth. Only ninth place for Milan behind Verona and Parma, down instead Lecce, SPAL and Brescia. For the Salento, a trifle in the calculation was decisive: Genoa would be 36.86 points, Lecce would be 36.53.

09.30 – “No to the algorithm” says Marotta The algorithm has been rejected by all Serie A clubs. Giuseppe Marotta, managing director of Inter: “It cannot be a solution. How can you consider the unpredictable underlying football? We are opposed to any solution that does not either to end the season or to keep the classification. If the championship cannot be closed, it is because the epidemic will have started again and then I don’t see how playoffs and playouts can be played. ”

09.22 – One race per day It will be played every day, from 20 June to 2 August. Today the League of A will officialize the calendar from the resumption of June 20 with the 4 recoveries: in total they will be 124 to leave: the ok from the ministers of health (Hope) and sport (Spadafora) for Juventus-Milan should arrive for the 12th and Napoli-Inter on 13 June, semi-finals of the Italian Cup. Final at the Olimpico on the 17th. The idea that today should then be official with the calendar is that from the 22nd, the day of shooting, there will not be an evening without football.

09.00 – A calendar today? Waiting to untie the many knots (free-to-air TV, quarantine, contracts), the calendar should arrive today. And indiscretions flock: we (re) leave from Turin-Parma at 19.30 on 19 June, the same evening (at 21.45) Hellas Verona-Cagliari would take the field. Then on June 20 here is Atalanta-Sassuolo (19.30) and finally Inter-Sampdoria (21.45). As for the 27th day, the first that would be (re) played in full, here is the advance Bologna-Juventus (22 June at 21.45), while the postponements would be Inter-Sassuolo and Atalanta-Lazio (24 June, 19.30 and 21.45 respectively). Among the various advances and postponements, here is Milan Rome at 17.15 on 28 June, Lazio-Milan on July 4 at 21.45 and Milan-Juventus on July 7 always 21.45. Key week for the Scudetto in mid-July: on the 11th Juve hosts Atalanta at 9:45 pm (on the 12th there is Napoli-Milan), on the 20th is played at the same time Juve-Lazio (on the 19th here is Roma-Inter ).


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