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Here we are: football starts again. After long weeks of stop for the pandemic, despite the empty stages and with the health protocols to be strictly respected, the Italian ball and not only resumes. Italian Cup, Serie A and an eye always to the general situation. Here all the updates in real time in the live of Tuttomercatoweb.

00.07 – Inter, Marotta speaks clearly after the Federal Council: “We have taken a moral slap” – Giuseppe Marotta, managing director of Inter (as well as represented by the Serie A League in FIGC), does not use turns of words to define the situation of Italian football that is about to start again, especially after the important day lived at the level of the Federal Council: ” I believe that there are no winners or losers here, there is a situation that is, in my opinion, also quite anomalous. Today we were put a little behind the blackboard, we took a moral slap, we lost our claim in quotation marks. to resolution and 18 in favor – his words to Sky Sport – this lays down for a scenario in the world of football that needs a review of governance, which perhaps does not reflect the specific weight of Serie A (the Federal Council rejected the proposal of the Serie A League, which provided for no relegation and failure to assign the title in the event of a definitive block of the season, ed.) I can today criticize the system of the government in football in Italy – concludes Marotta – a system very anchored to a decision-making will that belongs to many components. I think Serie A needs autonomy, as happens in England with the Premier League “.


22.34 – France, finals of the two national cups reversed? Lyon and PSG also think of the Champions League – According to information reported by L’Equipe, the finals of the Coupe de la Ligue (PSG-Lyon) and the Coupe de France (PSG-Saint-Etienne) should take place respectively on July 25th and August 1st in Saint-Denis. The order of the matches could therefore be reversed from that initially established because Lyon will be engaged in the return match of the Champions League round of 16 against Juventus in early August.

21.12 – Serie A stops: Tavagnacco also relegated to B, promoted the San Marino Academy – The women’s Serie A stops here. The Federal Council today decided to stop the championship by freezing the ranking without assigning the title. Juventus are first in the standings, but they do not see the scudetto awarded but will still play in the Champions League on a par with Fiorentina, awarded by the halogor. On the other hand, the two tail lights of the rankings say goodbye to Serie A: Tavagnacco is added to Orobica. Both teams will play in Serie B. From the second division, instead, Napoli will rise, to which must also be added the San Marino Academy, awarded by the algorithm with respect to Lazio. Italian champion: title not assigned. In the Champions League: Juventus and Fiorentina .. Relegation to Serie B: Tavagnacco and Orobica .. Promoted to Serie A: Naples and San Marino Academy.

20.59 – Ghirelli: “Serie B a 40 absurd project. Future? 31% of companies are reflecting “- In the interview given to TMW is TC, the president of the Lega Pro, Francesco Ghirelli, he also spoke of the third series reform plans: “Let’s take into account that a game was played on the big target. We have averted violent raids, aimed at calling the Serie C into question. Some have also opened passages from within for an absurd project such as B1 or B2. We are for reforms, I reiterated it today: when we go into the merits we will see who has bluffed or not. The reforms, it should be clarified, concern A, B, C, D: if anyone thinks of playing on the destruction of C he has already lost. Now the game is played on the quality of the reform ”.

19.31 – Serie C, the dates of the restart: the 27th Italian Cup final and playout. Playoffs kick off on July 1st – After today’s Federal Council, the dates concerning the continuation of the Lega Pro season are official: it will start again on June 27 with the final in the single game of the Italian Cup between Ternana and Juventus Under 23. Also on June 27 the matches will be played of the play-outs, while the return matches are scheduled for June 30th. As for the playoffs, however, they will begin on July 1st and will end on July 22nd with the final.

18.45 – Sibilia: “Consistency has prevailed, now the Board of Directors” – Cosimo Sibilia, president of the LND, commented on the decisions taken today by the FIGC: “No surprise from the decisions of the Federal Council. Consistency prevailed, the same that has animated the choices of the LND since the beginning of the emergency – he added the number one of the Amateur League – it was important to demonstrate compactness, thus laying the foundations for a safe and decisive restart. All our proposals have been accepted because they are linear and transparent. Now we are waiting for a final step in the Board of Directors to complete the framework with the activities of the Regional Committees. Then it will be time to finally think about the new season “.

18.20 – Civil Protection, today’s numbers – The Civil Protection has released the data relating to the last 24 hours. 27,112 swabs were made and 280 new COVID-19 positives were identified. The currently positive are 34,730, 532 less than yesterday. On the last day, 65 people with Coronavirus died for a total of 33,964 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Here all the numbers.

17.58 – Now the contract issue becomes the priority – Now that a good part of the decisions have been taken, the long-standing issue of the loan contracts which expires next June 30th remains to be resolved today: at the end of the Federal Council, in fact, the president Gabriele Gravina had a chat with the Serie Lega A and the AssoCalciatori to try to make steps forward in this direction too. In any case, a final decision is not expected for today, even the Federal Council has clarified that the players will not be able to wear another shirt until the stroke of the next football season.

17.03 – The dates of the next market – Through an official press release, the FIGC has announced the terms for professional membership for the 2020/2021 season, that is the dates of the transfer market for the next vintage: “The Federal Council has established the terms of membership for the next sports season: from September 1st to October 5th 2020; from January 4th to January 31st 2021 “.

17.00 – Serie B: promoted Monza, Vicenza and Reggina – The official FIGC statement arrives following the Federal Council held in Rome. As regards the Serie C, Monza, Vicenza and Reggina were promoted to Serie B, or the three clubs in first place of their respective groups at the time of the championship suspension. At the same time, the last of the three Serie C groups, Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti, were relegated to Serie D.

16.35 – Gravina: “Today he won football” – Gabriele Gravina, FIGC president, comments on the decisions taken by Italian football on the sidelines of today’s Federal Council: “They are the result of a reflection carried out in the coming months, with the need to close the championships. We are going to do it on the pitch. We reinserted the use of a different format as a guarantee system for the completion of the championship, as requested by UEFA, before resorting to the algorithm. We start on the 20th, after the first post-Covid trophy that is the Italian Cup, with the aim of closing the championship: we know there can be risks. If a temporary blockade of the championship occurs by 10-15 July, a different format will be used: playoffs or playouts ”.

16.15 – Women’s Serie A 19/20 ended -The 2019/2020 Women’s Serie A ends today. The decision was made official by the FIGC at the end of today’s Federal Council. “For the definition of the final ranking – reads the press release – the Division will have to apply the same corrective criteria valid for men’s professional championships”.

15.40 – Yes to the playoffs, but who would participate? – A decision was not taken today, and should not arrive in the day, on the number of teams that should participate in any Serie A playoffs and playouts, format chosen by the FIGC in case of a new championship stop. Today’s meeting was instead scheduled only to put the use of the reduced format on black and white if the maximum championship was stopped again by a positivity or by the return of the epidemic.

14:31 – First the playoffs, then the algorithm – The decision has been made. The Federal Council, which ended a few minutes ago, has established what plans B and C are in case the Serie A championship should stop again. The first option is that which involves the playoff and playout dispute to establish both the Scudetto winner and the relegations, but if they could not play, due to lack of time, the algorithm would be used. In this case, no Scudetto, but qualifications for the cups and relegated teams would still be established with the mathematical formula.

14.23 – Decisions on C – Important news related to the Serie C championship coming from the Federal Council which ended a few minutes ago. Monza, Vicenza and Reggina have in fact been promoted to Serie B, while the Lega Pro will restart with playoffs and playouts, to establish the latest promotion and the various relegations: Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti will restart from Serie D.

14.19 – Stop to female A – The Federal Council ended a few minutes ago and in addition to the rejection of the Serie A proposal on the relegation block, the definitive stop to the women’s Serie A championship was also decreed. To understand what will become of the verdicts, with the decision that will be explained in the next few hours.

14.03 – Resolution on the stop to relegations rejected – The first rumors emerge from the Federal Council being held in Rome. According to what has been collected by our editorial staff, regarding the relegation block proposed by the Serie A, the line of the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, has instead passed and the algorithm will be used to establish the verdicts. 18 votes in favor and 3 against: the Council approved Gravina’s proposal in case of a new stop in the championship. The algorithm will also serve to establish qualifications for European competitions and relegations. Playoffs and playouts can only be played in the event of a stop by a certain date, which could be July 10, after which only space for the algorithm.

12.10 – Go to the Federal Council – The Federal Council started a few minutes ago. Gravina, Lotito, Dal Pino, Ghirelli, Lo Monaco, Ulivieri and Sibilia were present, with the other components connected by video conference.

11.42 – Ulivieri to the Federal Council: “No to cunning” – The president of the Italian Coach Association, Renzo Ulivieri, spoke outside the FIGC in Rome just minutes from the Federal Council. These are his words, starting from the diatribe between the federal line and the Serie A league on the relegation blockade: “I hope that the federal line will pass, we as an Association are for that. The hope is that nothing of this is needed and that we can get to the end. If there is everyone’s will we will get to the end. Cunning is a bad thing, it doesn’t work, but ideology has been inside us for too long. Violent cheering? We see too many, c “there is a lot of violence all over the world. Fortunately there is also popular reaction and the response must be collective, starting from the institutions up to the consciences of all of us”.

10.45 – The Lodo Giulini – The name given to it is “I praise Giulini“, given that it was the president of Cagliari who spoke about it, and in view of today’s Federal Council at 12 o’clock it represents perhaps the most viable way to establish relegations in B and promotions in A. According to what reported by The Gazzetta dello Sport it would be a question of abandoning the maximum championship to the last two of the classification, to date SPAL and Brescia, with relative two promotions, of Benevento and Crotone. According to Lodo Giulini himself, it is unfair that a third team can be promoted without the use of the playoffs: in the event of tournament stops, the average points cannot be worth against the third last of A.

10.10 – Expiring contracts – In today’s Federal Council at 12 noon the draft agreement necessary for the extension of player contracts until 31 August will also be examined. The FIGC, the Lega Serie A and the Italian Footballers Association will talk about it: the players still have doubts about the hypothesized formula and there are some corners to be smoothed. It will be a first confrontation between the parties, then, starting from tomorrow, the discussion will come alive.

09.33 – The algorithm – The algorithm for determining the ranking in the event of a definitive stop of the Serie A, without being able to count on the time necessary for the playoff and playout dispute has not been set aside and in today’s Federal Council it will be back in fashion, given that the resolution of the A on the blocking of retrocessions will be rejected. Companies that thought they would use it only to define the valid positions for participation in the next European cups will be disappointed and if appeals are made, the FIGC is convinced that the relaunch decree puts it in a strong position.

9.00 – Today the Federal Council – Important day for Italian football, with the Federal Council at 12 o’clock, in which Gravina, Lotito, Ghirelli, Sibilia and Calcagno (the others in video conference) will be present in Rome, which unless surprises will reject Friday’s resolution of the Serie A who wanted to stop relegations. In the vote, the majority of the 21 preferences will be on Gravina’s side.

The votes – The relegations will be there and to protect themselves, in case of a new stop, the president of the FIGC will withdraw the playoffs and playouts. All or almost all will support Gravina, starting from Sibilia, president of the National Amateur League, up to that of the Lega Pro Ghirelli and B Balata, with its compact companies against the resolution wanted by Turin, Sampdoria and Udinese and supported by 13 other clubs of Serie A.



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